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Things You Had No Idea Major Superheroes Are Up To Right Now

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So, we’ve seen Batfleck and we’re preparing to see him join forces with the Justice League on the big screen, but at some point you may have found yourself wondering, “What’s Batman doing in the comics?” Modern superhero storylines have gotten pretty crazy out of necessity. There’s only so many ways to tell a story after numerous decades of a character’s existence. Captain America is freakin’ Hydra now! And you’ve probably heard that Thor is a woman — or at least that the wielder of Mjolnir is (it’s Jane Foster, by the way), but what is the original God of Thunder up to?

And DC... well, DC has kinda started over. DC Rebirth marks an all-new timeline, picking and choosing a few elements from the New 52 and pre-Flashpoint era, but taking its time in revealing to the reader which elements those actually are. Even crazier is the (soon-to-be spoiled) crossover the entire DC Universe is building towards.

Long story short, it’s hard to stay on top of our favorite comics, so here’s a breakdown of current comic book storylines. Spoilers abound! 

  • Captain America Is Working For Who? Sorry - Whom?!
    Photo: Marvel Comics

    Steve Rogers has aligned with the Nazis... just kidding. He has aligned with Hydra, though. For real. Turns out Red Skull predestined him to be a Hydra asset by rewriting his past, making him an undercover Hydra agent all along.

    Unfortunately for Red Skull, Steve just killed the mad despot to become the unrivaled leader of Hydra. So, Steve believes in Hydra's mission in all aspects (except for Nazism). He draws the line somewhere, at least. He's also, pretty transparently, drawing inspiration from Donald Trump's presidency of the United States. Previous issues have seen him call into question the legitimacy of "fake news," and use profiling tactics to keep certain people out of the country or in internment camps.  

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  • Deadpool Is Having A Bit Of A Crisis
    Photo: Marvel

    Deadpool is actually having misgivings about his current allegiance. He has aligned with Captain America out of a sense of loyalty, but Cap is working for Hydra, and Deadpool is having trouble coming to terms with being a thug for an autocracy: "I'm TOTALLY behind this new government. America is kind of having a nervous breakdown right now."

    If it sounds like the Merc with a Mouth is trying to convince himself, that's because he is. His daughter doesn't approve of what he's doing, and, more than anything else, that gives him pause. While he's still the witty pain in the ass he's always been, Deadpool actually has some serious emotional depth in Deadpool #31 and #32.

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  • Wanna Know What Wonder Woman's Up To? Go See Wonder Woman
    Photo: DC Comics

    Okay, so Wonder Woman's current comic book continuity isn't an exact match for her story in the phenomenal film starring Gal Gadot, but the movie was heavily influenced by her DC Rebirth continuity. Like in the film, Diana has left Themyscira, never to return. She faced off against Ares, but it wasn't a physical battle. Instead, she overcame his nature with the power of love (it sounds kind of lame, but it was actually pretty great). Oh, and in the comic book Cheetah is also involved.

    See, longtime Wonder Woman villain Cheetah is now something of a tragic and sympathetic character. She is still an antagonist of sorts, but certainly not a full-fledged villain. It remains to be seen what will come of her storyline, but don't be surprised if we see a version of Cheetah in the Wonder Woman sequel.

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  • Spider-Man's All Over The Place!
    Photo: Marvel Comics

    Okay, so this kind of depends which Spidey you're looking for. In the current continuity, the "real" Spider-Man is Miles Morales. He's mostly busy slinging web and making out with Gwen Stacy, AKA Spider-Gwen.

    Peter Parker and Parker Industries, meanwhile, have gone global in The Amazing Spider-Man. Peter is about to face off against a new and improved Doc Ock – The Superior Octopus – who has become much more dangerous after his stint in Spidey's body/mind. His alliance with Steve Rogers and Hydra poses a serious challenge for all Spider-Men and Women. 

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