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The Secret History Of The Black Order, The Most Terrifying Villain Team In Marvel History

Updated 9 Aug 2017 64.5k views5 items

The reveal that Marvel Studios was including the Black Order in Avengers: Infinity War left many scratching their heads, but it sent fans who had read the last five years of Avengers comics into a hype-mode. The Black Order, who will act as Thanos’s team in Infinity War, haven’t been around very long at all, but they’ve made a huge impact on the Marvel Universe during that time. In the comics, Thanos is often a one-man show, but the machinations he had put into place for the 2013 mega-event, Infinity, written by Jonathan Hickman, required a few more hands on deck.

This led to the debut of the Black Order, also known as the Cull Obsidian, an elite group of Thanos’s generals who would lead his troops during their invasion of Earth and aid Thanos in his quest to murder all of his offspring. With a job description like that, it’s no surprise that the Black Order are among the nastiest villains the Marvel Universe has to offer. That's why fans who know their story are both excited and terrified to have these brutal antagonists face off with their favorite heroes on the big screen. 

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