Don’t You Forget About These Small But Poignant Details From 'The Breakfast Club'

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John Hughes's quintessential '80s teen comedy The Breakfast Club is a bona fide cinema classic that not only defined a generation, but also remains a massively popular pic as new audiences continue to discover its unique brand of genius. Breaking down stereotypes and offering a realistic take on high school dynamics, the film has legions of fans who watch and re-watch the movie, discovering new details with each viewing. Here are a few interesting tidbits and cool details that might have slipped under the radar.  

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    John Bender's Home Situation

    Posted by islndgurl777:

    I’ve seen the Breakfast Club about 8 million times. I’m a teacher. I cannot believe it only just now occurred to me that [John] Bender willingly showed up to detention that Saturday and aggravated Vernon into eight more Saturday detentions on purpose.

    It’s March in Chicago. It’s freezing outside. Bender sure as sh*t doesn’t want to be at his house, but he probably doesn’t have anywhere else to go. It’s warm at school. That’s a solid nine hours where he’s in a warm, safe place and doesn’t have to be with his parents. And now he can guarantee himself two more months of (relatively) safe Saturdays.

    Ugh, that hurts my heart.

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    Burn Marks

    Posted by u/LabCoatz:

    The Breakfast Club opening scene you can see Brian's locker burnt from the flare gun that went off in it [that led] to his detention.

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    Director Cameo

    Director John Hughes has a cameo as Brian's father.

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    Shared Universe

    Posted by u/BlackMoresRoy:

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off is set in the same universe as The Breakfast Club and [the students attends] the same high school.

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    'Man Of The Year'

    Posted by u/d0gma:

    In the opening credits montage in The Breakfast Club, you can see [Carl] the janitor was destined for great things.

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    Bender's Legacy

    Posted by u/sonicdivine:

    In The Breakfast Club (1985), the library rules have been modified presumably by frequent detention attendee John Bender.

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