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All of the Breaking Bad Easter Eggs in Better Call Saul


WARNING: Spoilers from both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad ahead!

Just when you thought you’d binge-watched every frame of the Breaking Bad adventures of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Vince Gilligan and the gang created Better Call Saul, a whole new show in the same universe. And Gilligan, Peter Gould, and the writers slip Breaking Bad references in Better Call Saul every chance they get. Some are obvious like the appearance of Nacho, Tuco, the Cousins, and a walking, talking Hector Salamanca. But the other Breaking Bad Easter eggs in Better Call Saul are not so obvious - luckily, they're listed below!

One of the repeat BB references in Better Call Saul is the use of Loyola’s diner. It was a regular haunt for Mike, so we see it in both shows. Jimmy uses it as a meeting place for clients in Better Call Saul because his real office is an embarrassing storage closet. Mike meets Lydia, Jesse, and Gus in Breaking Bad at Loyola’s as well. We also return to the same retirement home that housed the mute Hector Salamanca for Jimmy’s elder care case.

Other delightful Better Call Saul Easter eggs are sly references. Jimmy slips in a reference to Belize as he calls a Bingo game, the code word synonymous with murder in Breaking Bad. He also later names his holding company Ice Station Zebra Associates in BB, inspired by the classic film he and Kim watch in Better Call Saul - her dad’s favorite.

There’s also the evolution of Jimmy to Saul from the cars he drives to the how he got the idea for those loud outfits and pinky ring. Take a look at the best Breaking Bad references in Better Call Saul, and see how many you picked up on the first watch.


  • Saul and Nacho Go Way Back

    Photo: AMC

    On Better Call Saul, we see the origins of Ignacio Varga and Saul’s relationship. Jimmy represented a rather hostile Nacho on a charge of kidnapping the embezzling Kettlemans. He managed to get the charges dropped against Nacho when he discovered the Kettlemans camped out about five miles from their house. But the audience didn’t know that during the second season of Breaking Bad, because the writers hadn’t dreamt it up yet. When Saul believes Jesse and Walt to be cartel hitmen, he gives up Varga’s name like it’s nothing.

  • Billboard Guy Was a Hitman in Breaking Bad

    Photo: AMC
    The guy that Saul fake rescues while hanging his HHM rip-off billboard also played a hitman in Season 1, Episode 4 of Breaking Bad. Stuntman and actor Eddie J. Fernandez played both characters.
  • Saul Forgets Defendants, Jimmy Never Would

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    Jimmy tried to do things the right way. Saul knew better than to bother. A nod to Saul’s evolution comes on Breaking Bad when Saul can’t remember Badger’s name and mistakes his crime as public masturbation instead of allegedly dealing meth. On Better Call Saul, Jimmy berates a fellow public defender when he can’t tell one defendant from another.
  • Loyola’s Diner Is the Spot for Nefarious Meet-Ups

    Photo: AMC
    Not only is this a favorite haunt of Mike’s, where he meets with Hector Salamanca in Better Call Saul and later Lydia on Breaking Bad, it’s also where he takes Jesse for a tense meal while they wait for Gus on BB. It’s also where Jimmy meets up with the Kettlemans because his real office is a closet at a nail salon.