21 'Breaking Bad' Fun Facts You Need To Know Right Now


A television show like Breaking Bad only comes along once, maybe twice, in a lifetime. A show so detail oriented and organized to perfection you can watch it all the way through time and time again and still find new elements. A show so loose, fluid and organic you're never quite sure where it's going to go or how they got there. Surely you've analyzed the entire run of Breaking Bad by now, but there are still lots of Breaking Bad Easter eggs and Breaking Bad facts you might not already know. Great news: this list will show you Breaking Bad behind the scenes and let you in on secrets like which support cast member has tattoos on his eyelids (ouch, right?).

The show managed to grow from a short first season to a giant two-part final season that was a worldwide phenomenon. The finale brought levels of excitement almost beyond compare, all for a show that nobody had really heard of a couple years before. 

We may never get new episodes of Breaking Bad (which might be for the best, it's good for a show to go out on top) but we do get Better Call Saul. and there's still plenty of Breaking Bad trivia to learn about this excellent TV series. Lets take a look back at some facts you might not know about the Breaking Bad TV show and relive Walt's transformation from Mr. White to Heisenberg.  

  • Uncle Hank's Home-Brewed Schraderbräu Beer Is A Real Thing

    Uncle Hank's Home-Brewed Schraderbräu Beer Is A Real Thing
    Video: YouTube

    Shortly after Breaking Bad premiered, Dean J. Norris, or Uncle Hank, began working on making Schraderbräu - the character's home-brewed German Lager - a reality. Norris and Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. worked together to bring the brew to fruition and has been available online since May 2019. 

    Norris said he was worried about the scrutiny the beer could face given the popularity of the show, so he spent years finding the right brewery. He also says the show "gave [them] some great hints as to what Schraderbräu should actually be" and that it reflects Uncle Hank as much as possible. 

    Schraderbräu is a German-style lager with an ABV of 6.3% and the show's same logo of Hank giving two thumbs up. 

  • The Final Episode's Title Was Insanely Clever

    The last episode of Breaking Bad was dubbed "Felina." Not just an anagram for "Finale" (on its own a cool nod), this is also the name of the song played in the episode that basically summarized the plot in its lyrics, though it was written decades before.

    And the cleverness of this title doesn't stop there. It's also a chemical breakdown: 

    "Fe" "Li" "Na" = Iron, Lithium, Sodium = Blood, Meth, Tears.
  • At Least Six Networks Passed on the Show Before AMC Saved It

    ABC, NBC, Showtime, TNT, FX and HBO all rejected the initial Breaking Bad pitch.

  • Aaron Paul Auditioned for Malcolm in the Middle

    The seeds of Breaking Bad go back to when Aaron Paul auditioned for the part of Francis on the hit TV series, Malcolm in the Middle starring Bryan Cranston.

  • The Show Made Baby Blue a Billboard Hit

    Vince Gilligan personally selected "Baby Blue" by Badfinger as the song to be played during the final scene, of the series, despite numerous objections from his music team. The song was purchased from iTunes over 5,000 times the night of the finale's initial broadcast.

  • Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead Might Be Set in the Same Universe

    Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead Might Be Set in the Same Universe
    Video: YouTube
    The video above features full details on the many connections between the universes of the two AMC shows. Sure the Glenn car connection might be a stretch, but 
    Merle's Blue Meth and the description of the drug dealer are both pretty solid.