Everything You Missed In Taylor Swift's New "Delicate" Music Video

Taylor Swift has released a music video for her song “Delicate” (perhaps the best song off her album Reputation) which obviously means it’s time to start picking apart every frame in search of hidden messages. And wow, are there Easter eggs. Even if you think you spotted most of the secrets, fully breaking down the "Delicate" music video is bound to unearth some small details you missed. On top of that, the video is already fraught with controversy, as the singer has been accused of biting the styles of Sia, Maddie Ziegler, and Spike Jonze.

In a world where music videos have almost completely lost their appeal, Swift has managed to keep hers relevant by packing them full of hidden messages, and the Easter eggs in her "Delicate" video don't disappoint. Not everything you missed in the "Delicate" video relates to the pop star's past work, some of the more subtle touches reference old romances or potential clues about upcoming singles. This is why Swifties love their idol so wholeheartedly; she rewards them for being eagle-eyed and obsessive by hiding treats for them to uncover. 

  • The Word "Delicate" Is Subtly Hidden In Quite A Few Places

    Swift is known to have a hand in all elements of her music videos, which is one of the reasons why her videos are still a big deal in a world that has largely moved on. Case in point, Swift inserted the word “delicate” into the music video everywhere she could. The hotel is called "Hotel Délicat," which can be seen on the check-in screens in the lobby. On top of that, “It’s delicate” is spray-painted in the alleyway in which Swift dances. There’s also a sign that reads “Joe’s Deli,” and many believe the word "deli" is a contraction of "delicate." 

  • She's Still Wearing Her Snake Ring To Snub Kim Kardashian

    Following a feud between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian West in 2016, Swift’s social media accounts were bombarded by people leaving insulting snake emojis on her posts. In response, Swift owned the insult by using snake imagery in the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. During the video, Swift wears several snake rings, which she then began selling on her site. If anyone knows how to take a lemon and make multimillion dollar lemonade, it's Swift.

    Even though a lot of time has passed, it seems Swift has yet to take the ring off. In the “Delicate” music video, she dons a snake ring that can be spotted in several frames. It's perhaps most prominent during the scene in which Swift looks in the mirror and realizes she’s invisible.

  • The Graffiti Is Loaded With Hidden Messages

    Pretty much all the pieces of graffiti in the alleyway have layers of hidden meaning. Attentive viewers will spot the word "reputation" (in reference to the Swift's album's title), as well as the lyrics “echoes of your footsteps."

  • The Getaway Car Visible Might Hint At Her Next Single

    While Swift dances in the alleyway, a car can be seen in the background of the shot. A couple seconds later, the car takes off, as though it's trying to escape something. Many fans see this as subtle confirmation that Swift’s next single will be “Getaway Car.” The lyrics to “Getaway Car” are believed to be about her high-profile relationship with Tom Hiddleston, which came hot on the heels of Swift's feud with Kardashian and breakup with Calvin Harris. Okay, but will be the music video to “Getaway Car” have references to Tom Hiddleston?!

  • "Track 5" Is Spray-Painted On A Pillar

    When Swift breaks it down in a train station, “Track 5” can be seen spray-painted on a pillar behind her. As any real Swifty will tell you, “Delicate” is the fifth track on Reputation.

  • The "Joe’s Deli" Sign Is Definitely A Reference To Her New Boyfriend

    Fans feel that the music video features several references to Joseph Alwyn, Swift's boyfriend. One of the biggest references is the “Joe’s Deli” sign. In addition to the deli owner sharing a name with Swift's bae, many feel that “deli” is a shortened version of "delicate." By that reasoning, the sign could be Swift’s small way of dedicating the song and the music video to Alwyn. It basically says it's Joe’s Deli-cate, right?

    On top of that, many fans think Swift spells out Alwyn’s name while she's dancing. In the hotel scene, Swift pauses a few times in poses that could (very loosely) be considered to resemble the letters J, O, and E.