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What's Your Breaking Point, According To Your Zodiac?

We live in a stressful world, but most of us do the best we can to keep our tempers in check. Unfortunately, it's possible to push anyone beyond their breaking point. Some run hotter, while others may be far more cool, but absolutely no one is immune (not even you, Libra). In fact, each sign of the zodiac has a common trigger that can make even the iciest boil over. 

  • This one doesn’t take much, as Aries are infamous for their quick temper. Nothing gets them angrier than not getting their way. It’s like a childish temper tantrum, because what they want is important to them and they think what they want is the best.

    Some people think it’s just easier to give the Ram its way. If you don’t, be prepared for detonation.

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    Taurus is pretty freaking chill. The bull of the zodiac may be stubborn, but they’re pretty patient. They also happen to be pretty possessive. If something or someone "belongs" to a Taurus, don’t even come close. That’s their seat. That’s their best friend. That’s their favorite pillow.

    If you’re thinking about trying to lay claim or even borrow their perceived Precious, let’s just say don’t.

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    Geminis are often misunderstood creatures, but man do they hate it! They didn’t flip-flop; they received new info and changed their minds. They didn’t blow you off; their plans changed and they just forgot to tell you. They’re not flighty; they’re just busy.

    If you misunderstand Gemini one too many times - and assume negative intent - they’ll blow.

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    Cancers aren’t usually thought of as the most emotionally stable people, but neither are they prone to snap. Usually, the Crab will just scuttle off to have some cookies over a good cry and some journaling. It’s these very emotions, though, and their empathic connection to others' emotions, that can push them to the brink.

    If you can't offer Cancer the same level of support and compassion they offer you, it's definitely best to give this sign their space when they become emotionally overwhelmed. You may just add to their emotional burden, and then that weeping will turn into tears of rage.