Breakout TV Characters Who Are Basically The Whole Reason You Watch Their Shows, Ranked

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Vote up the secondary characters from popular TV shows who are first in your heart even if they're not technically the protagonist.

Sometimes the popularity of a TV show depends on the supporting players more than the leads. Such is the case with theaw breakout characters whose pitch perfect performance and writing led to a meteoric rise in pop culture. These breakouts are among the most beloved TV characters ever, and they might not technically be the star, yet they're the big draw for viewers nonetheless. Would Downton Abbey be a hit without the Dowager Countess? Would everybody want to hang out in Pawnee, Indiana if Ron Swanson didn't live there? Would Will & Grace still resonate without Karen?

Vote up the scene stealing secondary characters who made the most of their screentime and vote down the second bananas you feel are overrated. 

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