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Breakup Songs You Probably Didn't Realize Were About Other Celebrities

There's always tons of gossip to go around when a celebrity couple splits up, but that gets compounded when the split results in a breakup song. Musicians specialize in channeling their emotions into their craft, and if a musician spends their romantic life in the public eye, they may well contribute to the catalog of sad songs about famous people.

The music industry has a long history of producing secret diss tracks, but when the diss is aimed at an equally famous significant other, the songs become that much juicier. That additional impact helps explain the ongoing success of Taylor Swift and the enduring reputation of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. There's something irresistible about songs with dark meanings, although a breakup song can also be sweet and uplifting (see: “I Will Always Love You”). In any case, if you're a fan of music ripped from the tabloids, you'll want to give a listen to the tracks on this list.