15 People Share Their Terrible Breakup Stories To Prepare You For The Worst

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Dumpers and dumpees: vote up the worst breakups you wouldn't want to repeat.

Everyone knows that dating is hard. But breakups are even harder. To prepare you for the worst, these Redditors are sharing their stories of terrible breakups. If you're wondering about the worst ways to breakup with someone, then keep reading! And try not to repeat these stories.

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    They Insulted Their Girlfriend's Intelligence And (Probably) Cheated On Her

    From Redditor u/trexrocks:

    This happened to my roommate, but it was such a weird, unnecessarily cruel way to break up with someone.

    They were both PhD students a couple of years away from graduating and had been dating for 2 years when he breaks up with her.

    His reasoning was that eventually when they went on the job market, he was going to be a professor at a much more successful school than her since his research was so great and hers was inferior and uninteresting. He didn't want her dragging him down when he was picking a job.

    I mean breakups are devastating enough, but to bring the person's intelligence, and potential career path into it is just sh*tty. The two most important things in her life at the time were him and her research, and he just crapped all over both things in one fell swoop.

    Even when she was over him, she was still freaked out about what he'd said about her research, though intellectually she knew that he was an *sshole and an idiot.

    The kicker was she found out a few months later that he had started dating his roommate's sister right after they broke up, and had probably been seeing the sister behind her back for a few weeks, so that was clearly the real reason.

    Why he decided that it was nicer to tell someone you were leaving them because they were stupid and would be unsuccessful later in life than that you have found someone else is still a complete mystery to me.

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    She Left A Letter On Their Pillow After They Bought A Condo Together

    From Redditor u/heyitsEnricoPallazzo:

    We'd been together for 2.5 years, I had just bought a condo that we had planned on moving into & starting a family in.

    Out of nowhere, I come home to a letter on my pillow and a bag of things I'd left at her place. The letter said that it was over, but not why it was over. I tried calling her up but she had blocked my number. So had her best friend & parents.

    Almost 3 years later & I still have absolutely no idea what happened or why she left. And I still can't really afford the condo all by myself...

    Oh, and my very first girlfriend in high school just kept ignoring & avoiding me until I eventually just got the hint. That really sucked too.

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    They Googled "How To Dump Someone" And Didn't Delete Their Search History

    From Redditor u/djddy:

    I broke up with myself really. I unlocked her iPad and I was greeted with a Google search for advice on how to dump someone you live with.

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    She Had Her Friends Throw Confetti In Their Face

    From a former Redditor:

    Had her friends meet me by the bus lanes after school. Said they had a message for me, proceeded to throw confetti in my face while saying "she's dumping you!!!!!".

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    They Traveled For "A Few Months" But Got Married And Stayed

    From Redditor u/oldgrumpyfart:

    We shared an apartment in California and she was visiting her mother in Peru, where she is from. She expected to be gone for several months. About 5 months later I was at a small party with a bunch of our friends and overheard someone say something about her new husband.

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    They Disappeared Overnight At A Festival

    From Redditor u/elhoffgrande:

    Back in '94, I went to Burning Man with my girlfriend at the time. Long story short, I packed it in early (3 am) one night and when I woke up, she was gone. Apparently, she'd met some dude the night before and ended up going home to Portland with him. Never saw her again. Only know the whole story because one of her friends took pity on me and told me what'd happened.

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