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Every Woman Bret Michaels Has Dated

Updated 7 Jan 2020 3.8k views19 items

He’s known as the lead singer of Poison, and for his series, Rock of Love, so it’s no surprise there are a lot of Bret Michaels exes. If you’ve ever wondered, “Who has Bret Michaels dated?” then this list is for you. Read on to learn about all of the women Bret Michaels dated.

Is Bret Michaels single? Yes, it appears the rocker is living the solo life, following his 2012 split with ex-fiancée Kristi Lynn Gibson. There is no Bret Michaels wife. Pamela Anderson was reportedly another of the Bret Michaels girlfriends. It is also rumored that Miley Cyrus’s mom, Tish Cyrus, is one of the people Bret Michaels dated. 

Are you surprised by any of the Bret Michaels relationships? Check out the full Bret Michaels dating history below. 

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