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This Guy Draws Star Wars Characters In Calvin And Hobbes Style, And It's Genuinely Heart-Warming

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Vote up the cutest Calvin and Hobbes style Star Wars fan art by Brian Kesinger.

Brian Kesinger brings together the world of Calvin and Hobbes and Star Wars in his amazing illustrations featured on Etsy. His work on Instagram highlights Kylo Ren as a kid in some very amusing situations. Kesinger is a talented story artist of Walt Disney animation studios. He has worked on Moana and Zootopia, and has a love for all things steam punk. You can check out more of his work at his DeviantArt and purchase his works from his Etsy store. 

Compiled here is a collection of some of Kesinger's finest illustrations depicting beloved Star Wars characters in Bill Watterson's classic Calvin and Hobbes style. From adorable moments of Lil' Kylo to witty drawings crossing over Star Wars with other nerd franchises like Game of Thrones, witness some of Kesinger's amazing artworks below. Vote up your favorite Calvin and Hobbes-esque Star Wars drawings!