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"Brick Mansions" movie quotes bring the thrills as an undercover cop pairs up with a criminal to take down Detroit's most dangerous drug lord. The action film was directed by Camille Delamarre using a screenplay by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. It was one of the last films by Paul Walker before his December 2013 death. "Brick Mansions" opened in theaters on April 25, 2014.

In "Brick Mansions," Detroit has grown so dangerous that city leaders have constructed a brick wall around a portion of the area to quarantine crime. But when the city's mayor is taken hostage inside the walls of Brick Mansions, they call on top detective Damien Collier (Paul Walker) to go undercover and rescue him.

Damien is paired up with street-smart criminal Lino Dupree (David Belle) and the pair sneak into Brick Mansions with the mission of rescuing the mayor and taking down drug lord Tremaine Alexander (RZA). For Damien however, this mission is also about avenging the death of his father, also a cop, who was killed by Tremaine. As the two venture into one of the most dangerous areas, they prepare for a battle of the ages.

"Brick Mansions" is sure to attract action fans but it will have to compete with other films showing at the same time including "The Other Woman," "Transcendence," "A Haunted House 2," "Heaven is for Real," "Draft Day," "Under the Skin," "Dom Hemingway," "Joe," "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," "Sabotage," "Noah," "Blood Ties," the "Veronica Mars" movie, "Need for Speed," "Mr. Peabody and Sherman," "300: Rise of an Empire," "The Grand Budapest Hotel," "Cheap Thrills," "Monuments Men," "Winter's Tale," "RoboCop (2014).

There's a Situation

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Mayor: "Detective, your father was a real hero. From what I hear, you're a lot like him. There's a situation that demands the best of the best. We know where, Brick Mansions, and we know who."
Damien: "I've spent my entire career trying to take down Tremaine."

The Mayor breaks the situation down to Damien. There's something big going on inside Brick Mansions and they need Damien to go inside undercover to save the day. He will have to get past his arch enemy first though.
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I've Got a Plan to Get Us In

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Lino: "I've got a plan to get us in."
Damien: "Us? First chance you get, what are you going to do? Put a bullet in the back of my head?"
Lino: "I could have killed you already."
Damien: "This is going to be a lot of fun."

When Damien is paired up with a criminal, Lino, to go against drug lord Tremaine together, Damien is not excited or trusting of his new partner. Lino however assures Damien that if he wanted to kill him, he would have and could have already.
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I Handle What Needs Handling

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Lino: "Think you can handle it?"
Damien: "I handle what needs handling."

Lino knows going up against Tremaine is a big job that not just anyone can handle. Damien on the other hand is confident that he is fit for the job.
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Prepare for War!

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Tremaine: "Prepare for war!"

Tremaine, knowing Lino and Damien are coming after him, is getting ready to put up a good defense. He gets his street soldier ready and prepares for the war ahead.
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