Great Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Most brides register at their favorite stores when preparing for their bridal showers, but some women prefer that their guests choose a gift without any guidance. There are many great options for bridal shower gifts for any budget. This list of bridal shower gift ideas has been ranked by the community. 

What are some popular gift ideas for bridal showers? Appliances like coffee pots, blenders and mixers all made our list. A young bride-to-be may not have any kitchen supplies, so she will be grateful to have some handy tools to get her started in the kitchen. Some other great items for young brides include wine glasses, bath towels, and coffee mugs.

If a bride-to-be already has everything she needs for her home, a gift certificate for a pre-wedding spa treatment or theater tickets would be a great gift idea. Other great gift ideas for any bride include designer candles, cookbooks, and lingerie. These are all items that a bride can never have enough of. You can also personalize gifts by adding monograms to towels and glasses. Sometimes, a family heirloom or a homemade gift will be the bride-to-be's favorite shower present.

What are your favorite gifts to give a bride-to-be? What bridal shower gifts were your favorite from your own shower? Vote up the best bridal shower gifts below or add one you think is great that isn't already on the list.
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  • Candles
    12 votes


  • Travel Accessories for Honeymoon
    15 votes

    Travel Accessories for Honeymoon

  • Anything Off the Registry
    32 votes

    Anything Off the Registry

  • Spa Treatment
    18 votes

    Spa Treatment

  • Bakeware
    18 votes


  • Picture Frame
    14 votes

    Picture Frame