marriage Bride Can't Hold Back Tears As Her Late Father's Letter Is Read On Her Wedding Day  

Mick Jacobs

Even though he passed away over a decade ago, one father managed to find a way to make himself a part of his daughter's wedding. In the below video, bride Emily Excell cannot hold back tears as she listens to her late father's letter of support for her and her husband.

When Excell was only eight-years-old, her father passed away from cancer. While not physically able to attend her wedding, he managed to make his presence felt through his heartfelt letter.

In his letter, Emily's father reminds her that he still walks with her every day, and also sends a tongue-in-cheek threat to the groom to treat his daughter right: "What I can do is haunt you."

Watch his letter be read out loud to his daughter on her special day, and see if you can keep your eyes dry. Chances are you won't, but sometimes tears are the sign of a wedding well done.