15 People Share How Bridesmaids Ruined Weddings To Prepare You For The Worst

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They are here to help, support, and make sure that you have the best time of your life, right? Well, apparently these nightmare bridesmaids didn't get the memo. We've all heard about how in-laws and even the bride and groom themselves can ruin weddings, but these bridesmaid stories prove it's not just family members that you have to worry about on your big day.

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    The Bridesmaids Got Drunk And Avoided All Responsibility

    From Redditor u/3GoalCushion:

    Not me, but my best friend's bridesmaids were supposed to pick her up to go out and celebrate at some bars, then to a head to a hotel while we groomsmen and groom hung out at their apartment. After being 30 minutes late, the bridesmaids called and asked the bride to pick them up from a bar. They had all gotten drunk without her. Then at the hotel, all of the bridesmaids passed out and slept in the beds, while she had to sleep on a trashy, uncomfortable couch. The next day at the wedding, they didn't help set anything up. All the groomsmen were forced by the mom of 2 of the bridesmaids to clean up the entire wedding ourselves while they all got drunk.

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    She Didn't Even Show Up

    From Redditor u/godzillaeatsasians:

    My bridesmaid didn’t even show up to my wedding. Wouldn’t answer my calls or texts. Then blocked my other bridesmaid on Snapchat. A couple of months later I found out she told people not to come. She bought her dress late and couldn’t afford a hotel room. So before the wedding, I told her if she didn’t get her dress in time I would help her find another dress I also got her a hotel room at the hotel I was at. If she needed a ride because my wedding was out of town my other bridesmaid lived close by and would have picked her up. It just hurt because I thought we were close and she still hasn’t messaged me.

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    Thee Bridesmaids Were The Bride's Sisters And They Didn't Do Anything

    From Redditor u/_northernlights:

    I chose my sisters, which was the biggest mistake.

    They fought me on every single decision when it came to the dress. Everyone they chose looked too casual or was very inappropriate for a wedding (think either a faux leather peplum dress from Guess or a casual Wilfred dress from Aritzia). After I searched for weeks online and at stores, they finally agreed on one from Nordstrom which I had to order and take care of. They fought me on any "duties" or helping with any sort of prep. They showed up for 4 hours the day before. Argued on any placement of decorations and took off after I begged everyone to do a short rehearsal. Even though I told them I needed help. (Keep in mind they did not have to travel for the wedding, my husband and I arranged it so WE were the only ones who had to travel far). No bridal shower, no bachelorette party. They claimed they were too busy. A friend offered to throw one and they told her no, they would plan one... they never did. Two nights before the wedding, I told them I booked reservations for us and my mom at a local pub just to have something. I ended up having to cancel because they didn't want to. (My mom enabled and justified a lot of their behavior. And she wonders why I felt like they were the favorites growing up). On the day of, they did not help me get ready at all. My photographers were amazing and did everything from helping me finish my hair and make-up (they even ran out to get me new lashes because mine got wrecked) and getting me into my dress. And, at the reception, they made a toast...which was so awkward. It was basically about who should have been the maid of honor and basically being all about them. I remember looking out and people's faces were just cringing. In the end, I just focused on having fun the rest of the night and ignoring them.

    Looking back, I should have not had them. I came pretty close to having a bridezilla moment because I was just so fed up. All they did was go dress shopping with me once, they went out one afternoon to look for bridesmaid dresses which they didn't find any, I had to. They showed up in the hall for 4 hours to set up, and they showed up at the wedding. That was it. Anything additional I asked, I got told no. Or, any plans I tried to make to have a bit of fun before I was told no. I had a couple of friends who step up big time the weeks before, and I felt so sh*tty because I should have asked them.

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    She Arrived Late With An Ill-Fitting And Burned Dress

    From Redditor u/Marysthrow:

    bridesmaid/sister got a dress and said it fit perfectly fine. Day of the wedding, she shows up late for us to get ready (the hairdresser was doing my hair, the flower girl's and hers) in a dress whose straps were too long, and a small burn front and center. I guess she decided it was a good idea to smoke in the car on the way over and ash flew back in. Her dress could have been altered for free, she just never tried it on beforehand and we ended up having to run to my neighbors to get safety pins.

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    She Ghosted The Bride Three Days Before The Wedding

    From Redditor u/SuddenTerrible_Haiku:

    She said she couldn't come to the wedding last minute, like three days beforehand, and then ghosted me.

    I tried really hard not to be a bridezilla. I thought we were all on good terms and have a good time putting a simple wedding together.

    But I heard from a mutual friend that she got tired of me asking her to do so much stuff and decided she didn't want to be my friend anymore over it.

    I still don't really get it. I bought her a dress and shoes for her because she said she couldn't afford them. She had nothing to do with planning the bachelorette party because she said she couldn't afford to chip in. No problem. I only wanted her to attend and have fun with us. We just threw a little party with wine and cheap takeaway food anyway.

    The only thing I can remember ever asking her to do was to curl her hair for the wedding because I thought the style looked good with the type of dress they were wearing...

    It hurts I lost her so suddenly, but I guess it was for the best if she had so little attachment to me in the first place.

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    Two Bridesmaids Refused To Work Out An Issue And Berated The Bride

    From Redditor u/duckiet:

    Needed to catch up a few weeks before the wedding to go through the rundown. One refused to do weekends, the other refused to do weekdays and was extremely b*tchy about it. Groom told them to sort it out amongst themselves, then one cried to me about how rude he was for saying that, and started going after me. I couldn't take it anymore and dumped her as a bridesmaid and friend.