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Behind The Scenes Of How 'Bridesmaids' Became A Comedy Classic

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Bridesmaids is one of those movies that came out of nowhere but managed to grab everyone's attention. Its success can be attributed to the central cast of accomplished women comedians, Judd Apatow's direction, and especially Kristin Wiig's clever and hilarious script. Bridesmaids stands out as one the most memorable and most quotable comedies to come out of the last couple of decades. If you're looking for similar comedies, you can also check out our list of hilarious shows and movies like Bridesmaids.

Since the movie was so successful, fans have wondered how the cast and crew pulled it off. Though there are some stand-out names, there was also no shortage of hands involved in making this movie a box-office smash and a hit with the critics.

So, what went on behind the scenes of Bridesmaids that made it such a great film? 

  • Wiig And Mumolo Took The Cast To A Male Strip Club As A Research Trip/Bonding Experience

    It's important for actors to bond with one another so their performances onscreen can mirror their real-life chemistry. It especially helps with comedic timing for movies like Bridesmaids that require a great deal of improv. 

    Wiig and writer Annie Mumolo took the rest of the team on a research trip/bonding experience. While filming the scene in Las Vegas, which didn't make the cut, Wiig and Mumolo brought the actors to a male strip club.  

    This was intended to be a bachelorette scene similar to those in films like The Hangover, which was the reason it was ultimately cut, so it didn't look like a copycat film. McCarthy described the trip:

    For research, we all went to Hollywood Men. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It's a lot of oil, more oil than I've ever seen on bodies, on any beach, and it's a lot of, like, "You know you want this!" And getting weird eye contact and you're like, "I don't! I don't want it so bad!"

  • Rebel Wilson And Matt Lucas Ended Up Actually Living Together After Filming Their Roommate Scenes

    Some of the funniest scenes in the film involve Matt Lucas and Rebel Wilson's cameos. Bridesmaids was actually Wilson's first feature film, and she has credited the performance with boosting her career, but that's not the only thing the Australian actress got out of filming. 

    The pair plays roommates in the film, and they worked so well together they decided to live together in real life when the movie was over. This was at the beginning of Wilson's career, and she was only paid $3,000 for her work on Bridesmaids; it is no wonder she needed a roommate. 

  • The Engagement Party Speech Scene Was Entirely Improvised And Took The Longest To Film

    The scene at the engagement party, which saw Byrne and Wiig fight one another for the spotlight of who is the best friend of the bride, was completely improvised. Not only was all the dialogue thrown together on the spot, the scene took the longest to film because Wiig kept making Byrne laugh, and they had to keep reshooting for a straight-faced final cut. 

    The part where Byrne spoke Thai was also added out of nowhere by the actress. She admitted when she said the words that she didn't know what they meant (Her first take was nothing but Thai gibberish), so she was asked to learn a few sentences, which is what made it into the film. 

  • Much Of The Film Is Improvised

    This may not come as much of a surprise, but most of the dialogue and some of the best scenes in the movie were entirely improvised. Almost everyone in the film has been a cast member or regular on Saturday Night Live and other comedy series famous for their improv. 

    The only person who didn't have a comedy background was Rose Byrne, who plays Helen, and while she didn't approach the project with the same level of experience, she still kept up with her comedian costars.