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The Worst Bridesmaid Horror Stories Ever

What is it about a wedding that turns a sweet, kind, and lovable girl into a crazy, and down-right insane bridezilla? Redditor bridesmaids have lived to tell the tales and now it's up to you to decide which story is the worst bridesmaid horror story ever. 

What’s not to love about a wedding? It’s all stuff of dreams… or horrors if you’re reading through this list of worst bridesmaids nightmares. From a bride requesting that her bridesmaids-to-be gain weight so she looks skinny to ordering to be wiped (yes, that kind), these bridesmaid horror stories will make your jaw drop. 

Would you forbid a friend from taking her lupus medication on your big day or forbid any of your bridesmaids from getting pregnant? That’s exactly what the brides on this list of horrible bridesmaids stories did. Asking people to wear a certain color of dress makes sense, but insisting that everyone use the exact same bottle of foundation, eyeshadow pallete, and blush? That’s just downright insane, not to mention unsanitary.

Before you consider saying "yes" to being a bridesmaid, take a look at this list and vote up the bridesmaid horror stories you think are the worst ever!

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    "She Decided I Was Too Fat"

    From Redditor /u/JediKnight1:

    I was once kicked out of my 'friend's' bridal party because she decided I was too fat, and looked horrible in my dress. Note: This was after I threw her a bachelorette party, and she had previously told me how good I looked in the dress. She had the audacity to beg me to come to her wedding so she didn't 'feel bad' I pretty much told her to go to hell, and ended the friendship.

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    "She Ordered Me To Wipe Her"

    From Redditor /u/isstronglikebull:

    She slapped me in the mouth, in the restroom during the reception. She had this massive, billowing explosion of organza as a skirt. It was beautiful, but utterly impractically designed: it took at least three of us to hold up her skirt so she could pee. She had been drinking on an empty stomach, and on the second trip to the rest room with all of us holding this dress up while she hovered drunkenly over a toilet she couldn't see, she ordered me to wipe her.

    Ordered. Me. To clean her of urine.

    I declined.

    She slapped me.

    The skirt was dropped by all parties while I shouted obscenities at her. She screamed that if I didn't do this for her, this friendship was over! Over!

    She tried to apologize years later, but seemed surprised when I was not interested in rekindling our friendship.

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    "She Flipped Because Her Grandmother's Death Threw Off The Seating"

    From Redditor /u/kidtendomom:

    I had a friend that threw a temper tantrum, complete with screaming and foot stomping, because her grandmother had the audacity to die a few hours before her wedding. She said it would throw off the seating arrangements, because now there would be a big empty space.

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    "I Wasn't Allowed In The Wedding Because My Face Would Ruin The Pictures"

    From Redditor /u/SomethingWittyasF*ck:

    My stepmother replaced me in her wedding to my father. First she said she wanted my two other sisters and I to be bridesmaids with her daughter. I had a small cooking accident and burned a V pattern on my forehead and had second degree burns up my nose. It was REALLY ugly. Around that time my stepmother informed me that I wouldn't be allowed to be in their wedding because my face would ruin the pictures. Eventually she and my father fought about how rude that was and she decided that NONE of their kids would be allowed AT the wedding. She wanted it to just be her, my father and her parents and brother. We could however go to the reception.

    I just informed her that I wanted nothing to do with his latest wedding and competed in a school function that day.

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