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20 Bridezilla Stories That'll Make You Rethink Marriage

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Ever been in a wedding party? Then you've learned the one essential truth about a bride's big day: it can turn a normally sweet and loving lady into a total nightmare. Nothing is worse than the wrath of a Bridezilla! Some women might manage to maintain their cool, but for every levelheaded wife-to-be, there are ten brides who went crazy before their big day. Are these girls just secret monsters, or is there something about a diamond ring that turns these ladies into the worst versions of of themselves? 

Bridezilla attacks come in all forms: text message, email, phone, and worst of all, in person (sometimes as they are literally ripping out your hair). Our list is filled with "okay, maybe that isn't so bad" to "OMG this friendship is over forever!" 

Here are some crazy bride stories about what happens when a beautiful girl takes the trip towards happily ever after. Here's what happens when you fall in love and hit every meanstick and b*tch branch on the way down. This list of the worst Bridezilla stories even includes a wicked stepmother!

A warning to potential Bridezillas: your friends want to celebrate with you, not pay for you. So if you want a wedding day that pulls out all the stops, pull out your own wallet and don't demand (or expect) that your guests are gonna foot the bill. Go ahead and color coordinate, but don’t expect guests to stick your chosen list of "color combinations and preferred fabrics." While you should enjoy pre-wedded bliss, remember that you'll still want some friends after your big day.

So choose a great venue, make sure everyone has enough to drink, pick some good music, and then chill the EFF out. Take a look at our list of wedding horror stories to learn how not to act, and then let us know which of these are the worst Bridezillas ever.

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    Bride Demands to Be Reimbursed by Guests

    Weddings can expensive. From the food and alcohol to the venue and music, there are costs at every turn. But when a couple gets married, they agree to take on those costs in order to put on a celebration that everyone can enjoy.

    Unless you're this Bridezilla, who felt that guests should pitch in to help pay for her party. When a few guests left $50 cash gifts as wedding presents, she sent this poorly written and terrible "thank you" note:

    "I just want to know is there any reason or dissatisfaction of Mike's and I wedding that both you and Phil gave 50$ each? In terms of the amount we got from you both was very unexpected as a result we were very much short on paying off the reception..."

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    Bride Starves Her Guests And Expects Them To Stay

    One bride thought it was enough to feed her 120 guests with a cheese spread, fruit platter, and vegetables with dip. When people started to leave (because they were starving) the Bridezilla blocked the doors and started screaming "Bride's Day, Bride's Way!" 

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    Bride Complains When Grandma Dies and Ruins the Seating Arrangement

    One Bridezilla's grandmother died two hours before the wedding. Rather than cry tears of mourning, she threw a temper tantrum because the death had thrown off the seating arrangements and there would be a big empty space.

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    Best Man Forced to Get Laser Hair Removal on His Head

    One Bridezilla demanded her hubby-to-be's best man to get laser hair removal... on his head. The man had alopecia, and the bride didn't want his patchy hair to be obvious in pictures. It's a $3000 treatment.

    Apparently the bride and groom never made it to the altar...

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