Bridge of Spies Movie Quotes

Bridge of Spies movie quotes follow the true story of one insurance lawyer tasked with defending and later negotiating the swap of a Soviet spy during the Cold War. The historical drama was written by Matt Charman and Ethan and Joel Coen and directed by Steven Spielberg. In the fourth film collaboration between Spielberg and star actor Tom Hanks, Bridge of Spies opened in theaters on October 16, 2015.

In Bridge of Spies, insurance lawyer James B. Donovan (Tom Hanks) is approached by the Bar Association and tasked with defending Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance), who has been accused of being a Soviet spy in 1957. The goal is to demonstrate that Abel is getting fair representation in American courts while the CIA tries to extract information from Abel.

Meanwhile, a plane goes down and American spy Francis Gary Powers (Austin Stowell) is captured by the Soviets. In an unexpected turn of events, the Soviets reach out to James to negotiate a secret spy swap between the two unfriendly countries. While this is far from mediating insurance settlements, James knows just how much is riding on this exchange and agrees to head to East Berlin where he must backchannel towards a solution for all.

Also starring Amy Ryan, Alan Alda and Jesse Plemons, Bridge of Spies joined theaters already showing other great films including Goosebumps, The Martian, The Walk, and The Intern.

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    We Call It the Constitution

    We Call It the Constitution
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    Agent Hoffman: We need to know. Don't go boy scout on me. We don't have a rulebook here.
    James Donovan: You're Agent Hoffman, yeah?
    Agent Hoffman: Yeah
    James Donovan: German extraction?
    Agent Hoffman: Yeah, so?
    James Donovan: My name's Donovan, Irish, both sides, mother and father. I'm Irish, you're German, but what makes us both Americans? Just one thing, one, one, one, the rule book. We call it the Constitution and we agree to the rules and that's what makes us Americans and it's all that makes us Americans so don't tell me there's no rule book and don't nod at me like that, you son of a bitch.

    When confronted by a CIA agent and asked to share confidential information told to him by Rudolf Abel, James Donovan does not bite. Agent Hoffman is asking him to violate the US Constitution, something James is not willing to do.
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    Standing Man

    Standing Man
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    Rudolf Abel: Standing there like that you reminded me of the man when I was young. My house is overrun by the border guards. This man, my father's friend, he was beaten. Every time they hit him, he stood back up again. They hit him harder, still he got back to his feet. I think because of this they let him live.
    James Donovan: And I remind you if him?
    Rudolf Abel: Standing man, standing man

    Though the analogy is a bit odd, Rudolf gives James a compliment by describing how James reminds Rudolf of a man he knew back home. Both were persistent in the face of adversity and as a result, both found success.
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    Do You Ever Worry?

    Do You Ever Worry?
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    Rudolf Abel: How did we do?
    James Donovan: In there? Uh, not too good. Apparently you're not an American citizen.
    Rudolf Abel: That's true.
    James Donovan: And according to your boss, you're not a Soviet citizen either.
    Rudolf Abel: Well, the boss isn't always right but he's always the boss.
    James Donovan: Do you never worry?
    Rudolf Abel: Would it help?

    After a hearing, James and Rudolf discuss how they performed in court. James finds Rudolf's lack of emotion curious while Rudolf does not see it as necessary. Interesting approaches they have.
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    The Next Mistake Our Countries Make

    The Next Mistake Our Countries Make
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    James Donovan: The next mistake our countries make could be the last one.

    To stress the importance of their meeting, James tells the Soviets that if they do not negotiate this spy swap, it could have grave consequences for the US and USSR. Tensions are high enough between the two nations as it is and one more mistake could end with deadly results.