'Bridgerton' Season 2 Is Here And These Fans Have The Hottest Of Takes

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If you haven't seen Bridgerton season 2 yet, get on that, because this list is full of spoilers! If you have, read on, and see if your views on the new season align with any of these hot takes from the people of the internet.

  • 1. A Good Point


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  • 2. It's Getting Messy

    From Redditor u/amshako:

    I’m ready to get downvoted to hell for these two, but: One, I actually am enjoying Pen getting so messy as Lady Whistledown because I think it’ll make her and Colin’s season just that much more interesting. Two, Eloise has been acting like a spoiled brat for two seasons so I’m glad she got a reality check by being the center of a scandal. However, they should have waited to have her figure out Pen’s secret.

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  • 3. Eloise Is Too Self-Centered


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  • 4. Lady Featherington Is A Boss

    From Redditor u/bad_ash_d:

    I think Lady Featherington is the strongest woman in the show. She's had to clean up the messes of both Lord Featheringtons. At the end when she declares she's doing it for her daughters I had to applaud her. She truly is a strong loving mother! Good for her!

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  • 5. So Much More Than A Love Triangle

    So Much More Than A Love Triangle
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  • 6. Apologies Are Everything


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