Bridges in Florida

A complete list of bridges in Florida with pictures. Famous FL bridges, the biggest and the highest. From the earliest arch and beam bridges to the newest suspension and truss bridges, this list has them all. We build bridges to span obstacles, be it a valley, waterway, or another road. A bridge's function designates its design. A bridge can can be temporary, or it can last for millennia. Many Roman bridges are still standing (and even in use) today. No surprise then that bridges often become iconic landmarks for their region.

  • The 17th Street Bridge is a fixed concrete arch bridge that spans the Indian River intracoastal waterway in Indian River County, Florida. The bridge, started in 1977, was constructed by Gulf Contracting Inc, FL and was completed in 1979. The Florida Department of Transportation bridge number is 880077. The bridge has a total of four motor vehicle lanes and two bicycle lanes. The vertical clearance is 65 ft. On the river it crosses the ICW at Statute Mile 953, south of flashing day beacon #145A.
  • Acosta Bridge
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    The St. Elmo W. Acosta Bridge Bridge spans the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida on a fixed span. It was named for City Councilman St. Elmo W. Acosta, who convinced voters to approve a $950,000 bond issue for the original bridge. It carries SR 13 with the two-track Jacksonville Skyway in the median. Prior to its replacement in 1991, the bridge, originally called St. Johns River Bridge, opened in 1921 and carried three lanes on a lift bridge of similar design to the Main Street Bridge but was known as the Yellow Monster, largely for its tendency to stick in the upward position. Tolls were charged until 1940, earning more than $4 million for the City of Jacksonville. At some time in ...more
  • The Bayside Bridge crosses over the northwesternmost end of Tampa Bay, connecting Clearwater, Florida and Largo, Florida. Construction began in the early 1990s and was completed in Summer of 1993, officially opening for traffic on June 2 of that year. Originally conceived in the 1970s as the 49th Street Bridge, a toll-levied part of the 12-mile Pinellas Parkway, the current six-lane twin-span bridge provides direct, unmitigated access from eastern Clearwater to St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport by connecting McMullen Booth Road to 49th Street North and also serves as a bypass for heavily congested US 19. The speed limit is 55 mph until you reach McMullen Booth. It features a ...more
  • The Blackburn Point Bridge is a historic swing bridge located near Osprey, Florida, United States, that is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It is a one-lane swing bridge located on Blackburn Point Road at the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. It is the northernmost of the two bridges connecting the barrier island Casey Key to the mainland of Florida. It was constructed by the Champion Bridge Co. and opened to traffic in December 1926. The bridge was added to the National Register on March 29, 2001.