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Creepy Stories About The Bridgewater Triangle

You've no doubt heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but what about the Bridgewater Triangle? While no planes or ships have mysteriously disappeared there, the Bridgewater Triangle has its own creepy stories to tell. Located in a 200-square-mile area in southeastern Massachusetts, the Bridgewater Triangle has been known for centuries as a hot spot for UFO sightings, ghosts, curses, Native American lore, and more. The spooky stories from this region range from fascinating and amusing to downright gory and horrifying. 

From vengeful ghosts to cult sacrifices, it's time to turn out the lights, get under the covers, and prepare for some creepy Bridgewater stories that are sure to make you question your next trip to Massachusetts.

  • There Was A Mass UFO Sighting In 1972

    The first strange occurrence in the Bridgewater Triangle was a UFO sighting, so it makes sense that there are still many mysterious objects that show up in the sky even today. There have been photographs, news reports, and more dating back over 100 years ago, but one sighting, in particular, stands out.

    On July 3, 1972, people in the South Shore area of Massachusetts looked up into the night sky and spotted a strange sight - a large triangular object that looked like a baseball diamond. It was reported to be translucent by many, and the local naval base received numerous calls inquiring about the object. To this day, no one has an answer as to what it was. The object was reportedly visible for over half an hour; at least 26 people confirmed seeing it.

  • A Creepy Redheaded Hitchhiker Roams The Highways

    Photo: valdeklaur / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    One of the most famous legends of the Bridgewater Triangle is of the Red Headed Hitchhiker on Route 44. As the man walked up the road on his way to find a pay phone, he saw a redheaded stranger. He asked the man for help, but the man was silent. Upon asking a second time, the man noticed that the stranger's face was contorted and ghostly. Out of fright, the man ran back to the car to tell his wife, who he found standing outside the car, terrified. When he asked what was wrong, she said that she'd turned on the radio and heard deranged laughter and a taunting voice that called her by name. 

    There are several different versions of this tale, but this one is by far the spookiest.

  • There Are Spheres Of Fire In The Sky

    Photo: Unknown / Max Pixel / Public Domain

    Ever since the first UFO sighting in the Bridgewater Triangle, people have said they sometimes see a sphere of fire in the night sky so bright that it lights up entire towns.

    Multiple witnesses spotted the balls of fire in 2011; 21 separate reports were filed.

  • There Is A Serial Killer Still On The Loose

    Besides animal sacrifices in the swamps and woods of the Bridgewater Triangle, there have also been other cadavers found - human ones. In 2014, the two women were found in the woods near the border of Brockton, MA, and Abington, MA. Many of their body parts were severed, including a foot, a calf, and part of an arm. The cadavers were placed on top of one another, and there were signs of ritualistic activities. The case was never solved.

    So, the question remains: is this the work of one deranged slayer, or has the cult that mutilates animals moved on to bigger game? Some blame the mysterious cultists, but the police have never given any credence to that claim.