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Bright movie quotes provide the dialogue for the film about a human cop paired with an orc who need to keep a magic wand out of the wrong hands. The Netflix movie was written by Max Landis and directed by David Ayer. Bright was released on streaming video in the United States on December 22, 2017.

In Bright, the setting is a world where mythical creatures live alongside humans. To calm some of the racial divide, the Los Angeles Police Department hires an orc as an officer. This orc, Nick Jacoby (Joel Edgerton) is partnered with human cop Daryl Ward (Will Smith). The two are far from instant BFFs, but play nice with one another as the world watches how the experiment plays out.

So one day when Daryl and Nick are on a call, they discover a boatload of dead bodies and a young elf (Lucy Fry) with a magic wand that can make almost anything happen. Knowing that something of this power is wanted by good guys and bad guys alike (including Edgar Ramirez and Noomi Rapace), Daryl and Nick are faced with an epic battle between species to take possession of the wand. 

Bright was just one of several late 2017 films that got a lot of buzz just like others did including Ferdinand, Coco, Call Me By Your Name and I, Tonya.  

  • We're Not in a Prophecy
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    We're Not in a Prophecy

    Nick Jakoby: We might be in a prophecy.
    Daryl Ward: We're not in a prophecy. We're in a stolen Toyota Corolla.

    When Nick, bless his heart, thinks he and Daryl are in a prophecy, in these Bright movie quotes, Daryl quickly bursts that bubble. A Toyota Corolla does not a prophecy make. 

  • The Diversity Hire
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    The Diversity Hire

    Daryl Ward: Everybody's just trying to get along and have a good life. All of the races are different. Just cause they're different doesn't mean anybody is better or worse than anybody.
    Brown: Hey, where's the diversity hire?
    Daryl Ward: I got a dude in my car. I didn't ask for it but the whole world is watching. 

    In speaking to his daughter and coworker in these Bright movie quotes, Daryl explains that there are lots of races all of which just want to get along. So when the Los Angeles Police Departments hires an orc as an officer, Daryl is chosen to be said orc's partner.

  • A Fairy in the Bird Feeder Again
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    A Fairy in the Bird Feeder Again

    Sherri Ward: Why is there a fairy in the bird feeder again? 
    OG Mike: Good afternoon, officer
    Daryl Ward: Fairy lives don't matter today. 
    OG Mike: Now that's it right there. Now take the little homey down LAPD style like you do.
    Daryl Ward: Oh and you just keep doing all your gangster stuff. I'm just trying to sell my house. Don't worry about that.

    While living in Los Angeles just might involve gangsters next door, at least in this world, it doesn't involve fairies in bird feeders. In the world in which this movie lives, however, that seems like something that happens quite often.

  • Like a Nuclear Weapon That Grants Wishes
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    Like a Nuclear Weapon That Grants Wishes

    Nick Jakoby: This is like a nuclear weapon that grants wishes.
    Officer: That's whatever you want. You want to be taller or shorter, you want 10 million dollars.
    Daryl Ward: You're not stealing that wand. 

    Nick and the other officers discuss the magic wand they found in these Bright movie quotes. It's essentially a way to make anything you want happen, which sounds equally awesome and terrifying.

  • You've Got Physical Tells
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    You've Got Physical Tells

    Nick Jakoby: Ward, it's okay if you don't like me.
    Daryl Ward: Man, I am not out here to be your friend. I need to know if s*** pop off that you got my back. 
    Nick Jakoby: You can't hide it Ward, you've got physical tells.
    Daryl Ward: Like what?
    Nick Jakoby: Like the face
    Daryl Ward: What's my face?
    Nick Jakoby: A human who needs a lot more conjugal love kind of face
    Daryl Ward: Do not wink at me like that!

    Nick tries to make friends with his new partner, Daryl, but Daryl doesn't seem interested in being friendly. Daryl just wants to know if Nick has his back, among other asks in these Bright movie quotes.

  • They're Going to Kill You Then Me
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    They're Going to Kill You Then Me

    Daryl Ward: You want to get out of this neighborhood. They're going to kill you then me and that's when the stupid s***'s going to start.

    Daryl gives new partner Nick a quick lesson on staying alive in this Bright movie quote. He advises Nick to leave the area or else all hell is going to break loose.