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People Are Sharing Uplifting News About The Coronavirus Outbreak

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As the world deals with the new coronavirus, users of Reddit have optimistically turned to looking at the small waves of good coming out of the outbreak. Redditor Imperialpidgeon asked, "What is some uplifting news about the COVID-19 outbreak?"

In a time of global darkness, these answers have us looking at the bright side of things.

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    Unborn Babies In Third Trimester Are Unaffected

    From Redditor u/Kayohay78:

    I’ve read it’s also not effecting unborn babies in the third trimester. It’s not crossing the placenta. And it’s not effecting pregnant women any worse than others. So that’s cool.


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    Employer's Work Policies Are Being Reevaluated

    From Redditor u/Nyrin:

    This event is bringing a lot of attention to employer policies on sick leave, remote work, and workplace hygiene. We're very likely going to see some degree of enduring changes in the aftermath and they'll largely all be ones that make things better.

    It's sad that we needed a pandemic panic to get there, but it is a silver lining.

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    Hand Washing Has Major Importance

    From Redditor u/mikemiles86:

    A lot more people are building the habit of washing their hands properly.

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    Schools Are Stepping Up Their Cleanliness

    From Redditor u/camerasandrifles:

    at school people are finally cleaning up after themselves, being more careful, etc. Everyone's actually trying to keep the school clean for the first time ever.