These Couples Re-Created Movie Scenes For Their Engagement Photos, And They're Absolutely Brilliant

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When it comes to the best engagement announcements, there's nothing like getting an invitation that really shows off a couple's ability to work together to pull of something awesome. Here you'll see a collection of brilliant engagement announcements inspired by movies, including everything from romantic recreations of the bride and groom's favorite movie scenes to hilarious parodies that show off their shared sense of humor. So whether you're looking for creative engagement announcement ideas of your own or are just out for a laugh, rest assured you won't be disappointed.

These engagement announcements are based on a wide variety movies, ranging from Disney and Pixar films to classic romances. Fear not if those aren't quite your bag however, for you'll even meet a couple who recreated an announcement based on their favorite horror flick.

So come on in and get ready to smile along with these couples as they bring their favorite movies to life in a series of engagement photos that show off the reasons they were made for each other.