23 Brilliant People Who Struggled With Addiction

There have been a surprising number of brilliant people addicted to drugs throughout history.

Some people believe that drugs can open an individual's mind to new ways of thinking, encouraging them to push the boundaries of art, music, and science. For many figures on this list, however, drug addiction and overdose played a tragic role - ending their careers and even their lives. 

Who is the most famous brilliant person who was addicted to drugs? Kurt Cobain is one of the many smart people on this list. The Nirvana musician turned to heroin to cope with both physical and emotional pain. His drug addiction is believed to have been a major factor in his suicide in 1994. 

Astrophysicist Carl Sagan was a regular marijuana smoker and an advocate for the drug as a way to push the boundaries of the mind. Author Stephen King has written many of the best-selling books in recent history. King was addicted to alcohol, cocaine, and Valium, and he often smoked marijuana, as well, before finally getting sober.

As you'll soon find out, many geniuses have struggled with drug addictions.