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List of Famous Bands from Bristol

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List of Bristol bands, listed by their level of fame. This Bristol musicians list includes both bands and solo artists. All famous Bristol bands are included, as well as many Bristol musicians of underground status. This list of Bristol musical artists includes information like what genre the artist falls under, what albums they've put out and more. If you want to know more about these famous Bristol bands you can click on their names to learn more about them. Bands from every genre are listed here, including rock, pop, hip-hop/rap, jazz, and more.

A list made up of bands like Portishead and Massive Attack.

If you're wondering, "What bands are from Bristol?" or "What is a list of Bristol bands?" then this list will answer your questions. {#nodes}
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    Krautrock, Breakbeat

    AlbumsPortishead, Dummy, Third, Portishead: The Remixes, Volume 2

    Portishead are an English band formed in 1991 in Bristol. They are often considered one of the pioneers of trip hop music. The band are named after the nearby town of the same name, eight miles west...  more

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    Massive Attack

    Hip hop music, Soundtrack

    AlbumsMezzanine, 100th Window, Blue Lines, Teardrop, No Protection

    Massive Attack are a British musical group formed in 1988 in Bristol, United Kingdom, consisting of Robert "3D" Del Naja, Grant "Daddy G" Marshall and formerly Andy "Mushroom" Vowles ("Mush"). Their...  more

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    Rock music

    AlbumsExodus: The Main Theme / March of the Eagles, Come on Baby (To the Floral dance) / Theme From Station Six Sahara, The Desperados / Special Agent, Andorra / Moonstruck, Write Me a Letter / Wishin' and Hopin'

    The Eagles were a British music quartet active from 1958 until the mid-1960s. They formed in 1958, at the Eagle House youth club in Knowle West, Bristol. Led by lead guitarist Terry Clarke, who used...  more
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    Girl group, Synthpop

    AlbumsCruel Summer, Greatest Hits Collection, Shy Boy, Pop Life, Please Yourself

    Bananarama are an English female pop music vocal duo, originally formed as a trio in London in 1981 by friends Sara Dallin, Siobhan Fahey and Keren Woodward. Their success on both pop and dance...  more

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    Simian Mobile Disco

    Synthpop, Disco

    AlbumsAttack Decay Sustain Release, Unpatterns, Temporary Pleasure, Delicacies, Live in Japan

    Simian Mobile Disco are an English electronic music duo and production team from London, formed in 2005 by James Ford and Jas Shaw of the band Simian. Musically, they are known for their analogue...  more

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    D-beat, Thrash metal

    AlbumsKilling Peace, The Force, In Search of Sanity, Power From Hell, Sounds of Violence

    Onslaught are an English thrash metal band from Bristol, England. Initially active from 1982 to 1991, they reformed in 2005. The band initially drew influence from second wave hardcore punk bands...  more
  • 7

    Rob Ellis


    AlbumsPinch & Shackleton, Punisher (Remixes), Missing in Action: A Collection of Selected Tracks, B-Sides and Remixes from 2006-2010, Qawwali

    Rob Ellis, better known as Pinch, is a dubstep artist from Bristol, United Kingdom noted for his fusion of styles such as Reggae, World Music, and Dancehall with dubstep. He released his first album,...  more
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    Evan Parker

    Jazz, Free jazz

    AlbumsThe Topography of the Lungs, Near Nadir, The Eleventh Hour, Drawn Inward, Chicago Solo

    Evan Shaw Parker (born 5 April 1944) is a British saxophone player who plays free jazz. Recording and performing prolifically with many collaborators, Parker was a pivotal figure in the development...  more
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    Stanton Warriors

    House music, Breakbeat

    AlbumsFabricLive 30: Stanton Warriors, The Stanton Session, Stanton Sessions, Volume 2, Sessions IV

    Stanton Warriors are an English DJ and production duo consisting of Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley. Originally from the West Country, the duo have performed internationally with their infamous...  more

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    Dan Berridge

    Hip hop music, Jazz

    AlbumsCompassion, The Vessel, In Finite, For the One EP

    Broadway Project is the pseudonym for the most intelligent operation to reach Irish shores. Headed by project lead Graham [Redacted] this project grew to the giant we know it as today. Unfortunately,...  more
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    Paul Potts

    Operatic pop, Classical music

    AlbumsOne Chance, Passione, Nessun Dorma

    Paul Robert Potts (born 1970) is an English tenor. In 2007, he won the first series of ITV's Britain's Got Talent with his performance of "Nessun dorma", an aria from Puccini's opera Turandot. As a...  more
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    Synthpop, Trip hop

    AlbumsHungry, Resist, Kokopelli, Damage, All in My Head

    Kosheen were a British electronic music group based in Bristol, United Kingdom. The group consisted of singer-songwriter Sian Evans, songwriter-producer Markee Ledge and producer-songwriter Darren...  more
  • 13

    Fuck Buttons

    Electronic music, Drone music

    AlbumsTarot Sport, Slow Focus, Street Horrrsing, Tour Split Single, The Red Wing / The Whip

    Fuck Buttons are a two-piece electronic group formed in Bristol in 2004 by Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power....  more
  • 14


    Alternative rock

    AlbumsLunatic Ride, Sanctimonious (disc 1), Cold Light of Day, Neverending (disc 1)

    Halo are a rock band from Bristol, England, who formed in 1999 and disbanded in 2004. In 2002, they released one album, and had three singles in the UK Singles Chart. They reformed in 2011 and are...  more
  • 15


    Dubstep, Drum and bass

    AlbumsResonator, With Me or Against Me, Deep / Robots, Where's My Money / Deep (Roni Size VIP mix), Rockstar / Game Over

    TC (also known as Tommy Boy) is the stage name of drum and bass producer, singer and Bristol DJ Tom Casswell. He left school and started making music inspired by the sounds of the Bristol scene and...  more
  • 16

    Hateful Abandon

    Gothic rock, Black metal

    AlbumsFamine (Or Into the Bellies of Worms), Move

    Hateful Abandon was formed by V/M (previously sole member of Basilisk and Abandon) and Swine (Salute vocalist/bassist) and released their debut Famine (or Into the Bellies of Worms) in 2008. Their...  more
  • 17

    Beth Rowley

    Pop music, Urban contemporary gospel

    AlbumsLittle Dreamer, Violets, Sweet Hours, Oh My Life, Wretched Body

    Beth Ann Rowley is an English singer-songwriter....  more
  • 18

    Beki Bondage

    Punk rock

    AlbumsCold Turkey

    Beki Bondage (born Rebecca Louise Bond; 3 June 1963 in Bristol) is an English singer, songwriter and guitarist, best known as the frontwoman of the punk band Vice Squad.She appeared on the front...  more
  • 19

    Vice Squad

    Ska punk, Street punk

    AlbumsNo Cause for Concern, Stand Strong Stand Proud, Shot Away, Rich and Famous, Resurrection

    Vice Squad are an English punk rock band formed in 1979 in Bristol. The band was formed from two other local punk bands, The Contingent and TV Brakes. The songwriter and vocalist Beki Bondage (born...  more
  • 20


    Downtempo, Trip hop

    AlbumsDreaming Loud, They Died for Beauty, Poise Is the Greater Architect, Bliss, Carving Heads on Cherry Stones

    Ilya are a duo from Bristol, England. The band consists of Joanna Swan and Nick Pullin. The band released their debut album They Died For Beauty in 2004, receiving a massive critical acclaim. It was...  more

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    Adge Cutler

    Scrumpy and Western, Country
    Alan John 'Adge' Cutler (19 November 1930 – 5 May 1974) was an English singer best known as the frontman of the comic folk band the Wurzels. Cutler was known for his songs, but also his dry, West...  more
  • 22



    AlbumsExperiment With Mother, The Balloon Factory, Lick Your Ticket, Brace, Brace

    Chikinki are an English electro-pop band from Bristol, England....  more
  • 23


    Drum and bass

    AlbumsDecoded EP, 21st Century Drum & Bass, Dissection, UXB / NuGen, Twister / Quake

    Decoder is the stage name of drum and bass and jungle producer Darren Beale and Mark Caro....  more
  • 24

    Five Knuckle

    Ska, Punk rock

    AlbumsLost for Words, Far From Speechless, Balance, All Ages EP

    Five Knuckle, originally known as Five Knuckle Shuffle, were a hardcore punk band from the UK....  more
  • 25

    Amy Wadge

    Rock music, Folk music

    AlbumsThe Famous Hour, Just in Time, Open..., Bump

    Amy Victoria Wadge (born 22 December 1975) is a British singer-songwriter living in Wales but originally from Bristol. She has co-written tracks with Ed Sheeran, including his hit song "Thinking Out...  more