Britain Has A Competition For The Best Man Cave And It's Just As Amazing As It Sounds

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These amazing man caves from the UK are monuments to manly pursuits. More than that, they're from a contest and these man cave competition pictures showcase some of the best man caves of all time. For the most part, it seems like man caves have a few things in common. They almost all have some kind of shrine to alcohol. Then, there is a necessary element of some kind of entertainment. Most men seem to opt for one or more of four choices. The first is a pool table; it's a classic game that brings men together and can be played drunk for better - or worse - effect. Then there are the video games; some man caves even have more than one TV and console system so several games can go on at once. A third choice is darts, which is a smart move because it is a safer version of throwing tomahawks - something most men would probably do given the opportunity. Finally, there are a lot of pinball tables in the contest. It's always a good option because it can be played alone for those manly loners or a friend or two can join in the fun.

Read on to see some amazing man caves that give new meaning to the term "recreation."