Graveyard Shift

Royally Twisted Stories And Legends About British Royal Palaces

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The grounds of British royal palaces are a bloody mess, or at least they were in the past - as centuries-old history haunts the same places today. Although these royal estates are among the most beautiful buildings in the world, the spirits that stalk palace grounds remind those in the present day of past tragedies. From the winding cloisters of Windsor Castle to the looming fortress walls of the Tower of London, the unsettled spirits of past monarchs and their minions wander and lurk. Apparitions, screams, and even bloodstains serve as unsettling reminders of past inhumanities.

No one, however, is staying away from these castles and fortresses, which are lively tourist spots. Britain's palaces are historical landmarks anyone should see before they leave this world themselves. But if you're looking for some royal paranormal activity (or looking to avoid it), here are the places to keep an eye and ear out for when it comes to haunted British history.