What British Royal Matches Your Zodiac Sign?  

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As iconic as their personalities are, it should come as no surprise that each zodiac sign can correspond to a specific British royal with similar personalities and traits. So, from Aries to Pisces and everything in between, specific zodiac signs have a soul sister or brother in a British royal who is just like them - even if they weren't necessarily born under the same stars.

Zodiac signs are the basis of astrology, or the study of how planetary and star movements impact the human world. Since planets and stars tend to move in patterns, people who are born at a certain time of the year will have a particular set of celestial entities associated with their birthday. Astrologers believe that the positioning of the stars and planets at the time of a person’s birth has a direct impact on who they are. Believers insist that zodiac signs can explain an individual’s personality, beliefs, behaviors, and relationships. Each of the 12 zodiac signs correspond to a time of the year and certain qualities a person will possess when they are born under that sign.

Like the zodiacs of US presidents, royal family astrology and monarchs' zodiacs offer a way to find similarities between royal personalities and zodiac signs - like Henry VIII's astrological chart revealing him to be tempestuous or Elizabeth I's zodiac chart explaining her "Virgin Queen" origin story. From warlike rulers to royal siblings who craved the spotlight, English and Scottish royals share traits with each of the zodiac signs.

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Named for a ram and all the stubborn aggression that it represents, the sign of Aries is known for its fire, energy, and passion. Though Henry VIII was a Cancer - he was born on June 28, 1491 - he exemplified a lot of Aries intensity, as his emotional Moon was placed in Aries. He was highly competitive and loved to joust - well, until he got a nasty injury that basically sidelined him and turned the proud Tudor into an all-around sour person.

Indeed, Henry is known for being temperamental, another trait he shares with Aries. Henry fell in love hard and fast and was a serial groom - he had six marriages in total. Though his marriage to Catherine of Aragon was relatively happy for over a decade, Henry's attentions turned elsewhere and his love for his first wife quickly cooled. The marriage ended in divorce, and he took five more wives before he died in 1547. For Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard - two of his wives who literally lost their heads - Henry's early claims of love and fidelity abruptly gave way to rage, suspicion, and fatal condemnation.

Age: Dec. at 56 (1491-1547)

Born: 1491-06-28

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Tauruses tend to be resolute and no-nonsense, two characteristics that are Queen Elizabeth II to a Taurean "T". After all, the reigning queen of the United Kingdom is known as a royal workhorse who even famously pitched in as a mechanic during World War II. She also keeps a relatively cool outlook and avoids scandals like the plague. She often gets frustrated when members of her family make high-profile missteps. Bullish Tauruses are also known for their determination, something the queen has in spades. From proving herself fit to rule as a young 20-something to surviving her so-called "annus horriblis," Elizabeth has weathered many storms. 

Age: 92

Born: 1926-04-21

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Geminis tend to be great communicators who are social, thoughtful, and emotional. Edward VIII - later the Duke of Windsor - was all of these things. Known as a playboy prince before assuming the throne briefly in 1936, the Duke of Windsor loved good parties and good conversation. He was also deeply affectionate and famously gave up the throne so that he could marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcée. But the duke wasn't all innocent - like Geminis, who can be two-faced, there was another side to the playboy prince. Before and during World War II - while Britain gave everything to the war effort - the Duke may have sympathized with Hitler and the Nazi state. He even taught his young niece - the future Queen Elizabeth II - the Nazi salute.

Age: Dec. at 78 (1894-1972)

Born: 1894-06-23

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Sensitive and emotional, Cancers are ruled by their emotions. Princess Diana was actually a Cancer - she was born on July 1, 1961 - and was the living embodiment of her zodiac sign. Diana's emotional intelligence meant that she could connect with people and thus bring attention to social and humanitarian issues. Whether it was her touch seen round the world when she shook hands with an AIDS patient in 1987 - a time when AIDS patients were treated like lepers - or her commitment to ending homelessness and landmines, Diana could empathize with marginalized groups in ways no one else in the royal family could. But, like many Cancers, Diana also struggled with insecurity. Her sensitivities meant that her unhappy marriage to Prince Charles and the rigid protocol of royal life took deep psychological and physical tolls on her, as Diana struggled with depression and turned to unhealthy practices like bulimia to cope with her pain. 

Age: Dec. at 36 (1961-1997)

Born: 1961-07-01

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