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A Complete History Of Britney Spears' 2007 Meltdown And How She Bounced Back

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Centuries from now, 2007 will be remembered as the year of Britney Spears's meltdown. Just 25 years old at the time, the superstar singer had already lived a long life in the spotlight. She was a busy child performer with several stage and commercial credits under her belt when she landed a role on The Mickey Mouse Club at age 11. From there, she focused more on singing, and her debut album, Baby One More Time, was released in 1999. Since then, Spears has been making music and headlining sold-out world tours—except for a period in 2007 when she had one of the biggest celebrity meltdowns since Joan Crawford insisted, "No wire hangers EVER!"

But why did Britney Spears have a breakdown? The pressures of fame at a young age coupled with mounting personal problems and stresses all combined to create the perfect storm that was 2007. But, like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes, Spears has not only recovered, she's thriving.

  • She Attacked A Car With An Umbrella

    Just five days after the head-shaving incident, Spears attacked a paparazzo's car with an umbrella. The event took place following Spears's visit to the home of Kevin Federline, her newly-estranged husband. Months later, Spears claimed that the umbrella attack was in preparation for a new role she was playing.

  • She Went To Rehab

    After a couple of brief, failed attempts at rehab, Spears finally completed an inpatient program at Promises in Malibu, California in March of 2007. Her family was cautiously optimistic about the outcome. Her ex, Kevin Federline, had custody of their children while she was at Promises.

  • She Struggled Through An MTV VMA Performance

    She Struggled Through An MTV VMA Performance
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    Spears has always tried to continue performing and making music, despite whatever personal hell she might be going through. In September of 2007, she made what was supposed to be her big comeback at the opening number of that year's MTV Video Music Awards. ABC News gave her "Gimmie More" performance a scathing review:

    "She seemed to sleepwalk through her routine, flailing her arms and failing to synch her lips with the subpar dance ditty blasting through the speakers. Her sequined bra/panty costume confirmed that like her former pop-star magnetism, those abs of yore are now just a memory."

  • She Was Charged In A Hit And Run Accident

    In September of 2007, Spears was charged with a hit and run as well as driving without a license. The charges resulted from an August incident in Studio City, California, where Spears hit a car in a parking lot and fled the scene. Upon investigation, police learned that she was never issued a California driver's license.