Britney Spears Tattoos

If you ever find yourself wondering what are the meanings of Britney Spears' tattoos, then you've come to the right place. Britney Spears' tattoos include a combination of words and images that are important to the Grammy Award-winning pop singer, plus a few things to remind her of her missteps as well. As of November 2011, there are a total of nine known Britney Spears tattoos ranging from as high up as her neck to as far down as her toe.

The former Mickey Mouse Club performer began her pop music career as a teen in the late 1990s with the release of her hit single "... Baby One More Time." This made her a household name and constant headliner in the tabloids. As Miss Spears grew up, her music career blossomed and her privacy dwindled with paparazzi following her as she married (twice) and went through a tough period that included motherhood and a psychological breakdown.

This rough time added two tattoos to the singer's body, a pair of pink lips on her inner wrist and a cross on her hip, though little is known exactly what those represent to the star. Other tattoos are less elusive, such as the pair of pink dice she inked on her other inner wrist. Former hubby Kevin Federline has a pair himself, but in blue.

For a pair of her other tattoos, the star likely meant well, but lost the proper meaning of the intended tattoo in translation. On the back of her neck, Spears had Hebrew letters that are supposed to mean healing however they are out of order and virtually meaningless. The same happened with a tattoo of a Chinese symbol on her hip which was supposed to mean mystery but actually translates better to strange.

What are Britney Spears' tattoos? Take a look at this list to see for yourself.

Like other popular tattooed female celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie body art, Megan Fox ink and Rihanna tats to name a few, Britney Spears tattoos chronicle the rise, and brief fall, as well as return to prominence of the pop sensation.

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    Photo: flickr / CC0
    Perhaps the simplest of Britney Spears tattoos, the starlet has a no-frills black star tattooed on her right hand.
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    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    On her left lower stomach, Britney Spears has a simple pink cross tattooed on her skin. Reportedly, Spears added this cross at the same time she added the pink lips tattoo on her inner wrist.
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    Back in 2007, Britney Spears got pink lips tattooed on her right wrist. This happened right after the incident where she shaved her head.
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    The first Britney Spears tattoo was added to the singer's lower back (the tramp stamp location) in the early 2000s. This colorful image of a fairy pays tribute to the fantasy characters, which are favorites of Spears.
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    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    On the right foot of the singer, Britney Spears has two separate tattoos that feature flowers. Her toe features a flower ring tattoo while a flower vine sits atop the same foot.
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    Kabbalah Symbols

    Sitting just under her hairline on the back of her neck, Britney Spears has inked three Kabbalah symbols in simple black Hebrew letters. The intent was to make the symbols mean "healing" however the letters were tattooed out of order, essentially rendering the saying to mean nothing.
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