All Of Brittany Murphy's Movies, Ranked

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More than 500 movie fans have come together to shape this ranking of the best Brittany Murphy movies. The late actress made a huge impact in her tragically short career and is remembered for her memorable roles in some of the most beloved films from the 2000s. From cult classic rom-coms to heartwarming family dramas, these movies showcase why she was so admired as an actor.

Murphy's breakout role came playing Tai in Clueless, a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma that quickly became a teenage classic when it hit theaters back in 1995. Her performance as the ditzy yet lovable loser earned her legions of devoted fans and remains one of her best-known roles today. Of course, there are plenty more great Brittany Murphy performances to discover here - like Drop Dead Gorgeous, where she plays an ambitious beauty pageant contestant who will do anything to become queen; or 8 Mile, where she stars opposite Eminem as his kindhearted love interest; or Little Black Book with Holly Hunter and Kathy Bates which follows Murphy’s character trying to find out what really happened during ex boyfriend’s previous relationships.

If you're looking for something you've never seen from this incredible talent then look no further – check out our list now and be sure to vote up your favorites.

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