15 Bros Reveal The Bro Codes Rules You Should Absolutely Never Break

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If you've never heard of the bro code, it's probably because you aren't a bro. Essentially, it's a set of informal bro rules that should never be broken. If you're curious what bro code rules you should never break, these Redditors have generously supplied the answer.

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    Taking Your Friend's Girlfriend

    From Redditor u/Fixes_Computers:

    An *sshole friend of mine stole my girlfriend. Just one reason I never stayed in contact.

    Looking back, he was always an *sshole and I don't know how he became a friend. We were even roommates for a while, and he was still an *sshole. At least he paid his share of rent and utilities. That's about his only redeeming quality.

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    Breaking A Pact Of Secrecy 

    From Redditor u/career_whatcareer:

    Telling someone something that you two swore you'd never tell another soul.

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    Watching Your Bro Throw His Life Away

    From Redditor u/NeedToHomestead:

    Not calling your bro out when he’s f*cking up. Care for your friend's well-being and tell them you care about them.

    Partying is fun and fine and dandy but you gotta make sure your brother isn’t throwing his life away. Talking about “well that’s his business”. F*ck you. You aren’t his friend.

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    Staying Silent When Someone Talks Badly 

    From Redditor u/X_HANEEF_X:

    Being silent when someone is talking sh*t about a friend behind their back. Bros look out for each other, if you just listen to other people and didn't defend me when they are talking sh*t about me, then you ain't no bro to me. ( I would never let anyone talk sh*t about my friends near me).

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    Leaving Your Friend's Car Without Gas

    From Redditor u/NinjaBilly55:

    When a Bro borrows the Bro-Tank and leaves the fuel gauge on empty...

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    Disrespecting Your Fellow Bro

    From Redditor u/ValhallaSpectre:

    Not respecting your bro. A bro has a duty to respect their bro, and to be there for that bro even when that bro isn’t there for themselves. Sometimes you have to call out a bro when they aren’t being true to themselves, but you are obligated to be the best bro you can be to your fellow bros.

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