animated Brock Samson's Most Gloriously Violent Moments on Venture Bros.  

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The Venture Bros. is one of the best cartoons on TV thanks largely to Brock Samson, one of the most violent and vicious animated characters ever conceived. Throughout Venture Bros., Hank and Dean's bodyguard has participated in bouts of violence befitting a man known as the Swedish Murder Machine. Whenever Sergeant Hatred isn't trying to fill his shoes, Brock tops himself as arguably the most badass secret agent ever created.

Seeing Brock put his combat skills to the test against robots, mummies, henchmen, ghosts, and wild animals is one of the best parts of the show. This murder machine has taken down nearly anything or anyone that stands in his way. All of which is done with pure rage, uncanny strength, and a bit of swagger.

The amount of sadistic creativity in how Brock dispatches his foes is equal parts awe-inspiring and hilarious. The "half Swedish, quarter Polish, quarter Winnebago" legend has thrown down on The Venture Brothers many, many times, but only the more bloodthirsty, bone-breaking instances are on this list. Take a look and vote up the most violent Brock Samson moments from the legendary Adult Swim series The Venture Bros.

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The Battle of Brock's Dreams

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Season one's "Eeny Meeny Miney... Magic!" has the Ventures and Brock envisioning their subconscious desires within Dr. Venture's "Joy Can." In one such dream, Samson, dressed like a tribal war chief, kills countless ninjas, frogmen, polar bears, and cowboys with flamethrowers riding dinosaurs. There's so much carnage that even Brock tires of the monotonous murder after a while.

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Bone-Breaking Buttocks in Action

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Season one's "Ghosts of the Sargasso" showcases Brock's ability to maim and destroy with just his muscular buttocks. A pirate guard attempts to search Brock's most private bodily cavity, but a mere clench of Samson's cheeks breaks the pirate's hand. Not only that, but Brock's booty death grip allows him to swing the pirate's body around and knock out a second guard. Even Samson's ass has a body count.

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"They Hit Me with a Truck."

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In the series premiere "Dia De los Dangerous," Brock sets the bar high by pulling a move out of the Grand Theft Auto playbook. He simply runs over dozens of the Monarch's henchmen. Brock's twitching left eye and burning cigarette feed into his quiet rage as his car plows through each and every one of them. That'll teach them not to hit Brock with their truck.

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Decapitating a Man with a Shark

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In the season three episode "The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together Part 1," Brock is hunted by eccentric assassins, including a maritime-themed killer named "Go-Fish," whose plan to turn Brock into shark bait is thwarted by the mulleted murder master. Go-Fish gets the Ned Stark treatment from the mouth of a dead Jaws, proving that Brock can turn nearly anything into a murder weapon, even an apex predator.