The 20 Most Aggressive Ways To Get Drunk, Ranked By Basic Brotasticity

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Basic bros, finance bros, hipster bros, fratty bros, jock bros... What do they all have in common? They like to get their drink on, broseph! Their brotastic drinking methods may not exactly be healthy, but a little alcohol poisoning can't stop a dude from downing drinks from a red solo cup. These guys know how to party, even though that may be to the detriment of everyone else's enjoyment.

Want to know how basic bros get drunk? They play college drinking games well into adulthood – but, to be fair, beer pong and flip cup are still really fun. The bros were onto something when they combined hand-eye coordination and downing beer. They do shots. They flip cups. They combine caffeine and alcohol and tape bottles of beer to their hands, all while rocking some distinctive clothing. In other words, bros know how to party.

If you're planning an epic bash, take a page out of a bro’s book and check out all these ways to drink, ranked by brotasticity.

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  • Jäger Bomb
    70 votes

    Jäger Bomb

  • Beer Pong
    55 votes

    Beer Pong

  • Edward 40 Hands
    46 votes

    Edward 40 Hands

  • Bro Bomb (Jäger Shot Dropped Into Red Bull And Vodka)
    51 votes

    Bro Bomb (Jäger Shot Dropped Into Red Bull And Vodka)

  • Fireball Whiskey
    54 votes

    Fireball Whiskey

  • Keg Stands
    49 votes

    Keg Stands