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Small Details From Bruce Willis Movies That Fans Uncovered

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Bruce Willis made it big when he landed the role of David Addison Jr. on Moonlighting in 1985, but that was just the beginning of an incredible career spanning more than 40 years. He made the move to the silver screen with breakout performances in Blind Date and Die Hard — a role that launched him to superstardom. Since becoming John McClane, Willis has been an international action star, but he's gone back to comedy and drama as his career developed.

Willis has been in a ton of movies, and he's got a lot of fans over the years. Many of those fans have watched and rewatched his films dozens of times, and the more eagle-eyed viewers have taken to the MovieDetails subreddit to share the small details they found. This list is made up of the best of those findings, so take a look, and if you see something you didn't already know, be sure to give it an upvote!

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    'The Last Boy Scout' Has An Interesting Reference To 'Lethal Weapon'

    According to Redditor u/i_hate_kitten, Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson nearly swapped their most important roles from their early careers:

    In The Last Boy Scout (1991), Bruce Willis's daughter is watching Lethal Weapon on TV. Bruce Willis had turned down the role of Martin Riggs to star in Die Hard. Mel Gibson had turned down the role of John McClane to star in Lethal Weapon.

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    There's A Subtle Callback To 'Pulp Fiction' In 'Die Hard 3'

    It's subtle, but Redditors u/FoobarMontoya and u/jonbristow picked up on a nice little callback in one Bruce Willis movie to another:

    In Die Hard with a Vengeance (1994) Bruce Willis tells Samuel L. Jackson he was "smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo" while suspended from the police force. That phrase is reference to a lyric sung by Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction (1993) as he attempts to retrieve his father's watch.

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    The Hero And Villain Never Meet In 'The Fifth Element'

    Despite being pitted against one another through the entire film, Redditor u/Nerozero explained that the hero and villain never met in The Fifth Element:

    In The Fifth Element, the hero (Bruce Willis) and the villain (Gary Oldman) never meet nor know of the other ones actions throughout the whole film. The closest they come to sharing a scene is just missing each other at a set of elevators.

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    John McClane's Sandwich Board In 'Die Hard 3' Was Actually Blank

    Redditor u/GitEmSteveDave explained how the shot of Willis in the sandwich board was shot:

    In Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995), the sandwich board that Bruce Willis wore while filming in Harlem was originally totally blank, to ensure no one was offended by the racist message. Different text was added in post-production for both theatrical and TV releases.

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