Grown-Ups Describe The Most Brutally Honest Things Kids Have Said To Them 

Eric Conner
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Nothing can shred an ego more quickly than brutally honest comments from kids. It can even hurt when a remark comes via a kid you've met only once in your life.

Stories of terrifyingly creepy kids are less disheartening than these disrespectful children. Dogs require leashes, but wild children can roam the streets completely un-tethered. Mind you, it's not just the spoiled kids who behave like they're auditioning for the next Omen reboot either. Even the sweetest angel can turn into the devil with a quick comment.  

That being said, when parents describe their honest children on reddit, it's clear there's plenty of love. Regardless of what what mean things kids say to their parents, they will always love their children. When it's not your kid, however, you can't say a damn thing.  

These parents's stories about brutally honest children are downright merciless. But who is the most ruthless? You decide!

You're Too Fat For The Elevator

From colorstoobright:

"Not me, but my friend's little brother at the time. She and her family were on the elevator when a lady, who was about 300lbs, joined them. The little brother screamed, 'Nooo! You can't get on! We're gonna die if you get on!' "

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You're Ugly, And That's Why You're Single

From dontdiddlymydoodly's 10-Year-OId Neighbor: 

"Do you know why you're single? It's because of who you are and how you look."    

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Daddy Got An Upgrade

From nsdr1709:

"Was waiting for my daughter... at daycare and another little girl walked up to me. She was probably about six. She told me her parents got a divorce so she was just like my daughter now. I nodded at her and then I got this gem. 'I get to go one week with my mommy and one week with my daddy. Today I go with my daddy. He has a new girlfriend and shes WAY WAY WAY more pretty than my mom. I wish my mom was as pretty as my daddy's girlfriend.' I just cringed."

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Are You Pregnant?

From BlairEllis

"'Are you having a baby or just fat?'

I'm male."

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