19 Times People Were Called Out For The BS Reviews They Left Online

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From lying about a restaurant's food to cover up their embarrassment over being caught dining and dashing to weirdly malicious people trying to get their neighbors fired, here are some of the times people left BS reviews that immediately got called out for being untruthful. Enjoy!

  • 1. No Way

    No Way
    Photo: u/SeXySnEk7 / Reddit
  • 2. When You're The Problem

    When You're The Problem
    Photo: u/bbill53 / Reddit
  • 3. Melissa Deserves Better Neighbors

    Melissa Deserves Better Neighbors
    Photo: u/CeramicCastle49 / Reddit
  • 4. Oh

    Photo: u/YaboiGh0styy / Reddit
  • 5. Shame On You

    Shame On You
    Photo: u/NeuroDrink / Reddit
  • 6. Something Isn't Adding Up

    Something Isn't Adding Up
    Photo: u/KFC_Casper / Reddit