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The Most Disturbing Images and Drawings Created by Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer

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To the Wichita community, Dennis Rader was a church president and a Boy Scouts leader. However, he is better known as the "BTK Killer," the man responsible for taking 10 lives over the course of 17 years - from 1974 to 1991. The sadistic family man would stalk women, break into their homes, and attack them. His usual M.O. was binding his victims, torturing them, and eventually asphyxiating them.

For years, Rader went free, and his ability to evade police led to an increased arrogance. He sent the police and media letters taunting them. But BTK's cockiness eventually led to his downfall when, in 2005, he submitted a floppy disk to police after they assured him it couldn't be used to trace him. However, police were able to locate Rader based on the floppy disk and arrest him. 

After BTK was captured, there were many revelations about his horrific actions. Graphic details were revealed through the letters and drawings he sent to police throughout the years, and creepy images of Rader dressed in his victims' clothing were made public. These are the most disturbing drawings and images created by BTK, who is currently serving 10 consecutive life sentences in Kansas's El Dorado Correctional Facility.

  • Bound And Wearing A Woman Mask

    Rader enjoyed dressing up as his victims in peril. In this particular image, Rader is wearing a blond wig and painted mask, with his hands tied behind his back. BTK reportedly took this photo in 1991, after he took the life of 62-year-old Dolores Davis. 

    Psychologists believe that offenders will don their victims' clothing or personal items in an attempt to recreate the scene and achieve sexual gratification. The photos that BTK took then become trophies in and of themselves. 

  • Buried Alive

    BTK was arrested in 2005, and police found more than they bargained for when they searched his belongings. Along with mementos, authorities also found the "mother lode" - numerous photos of BTK in various states of bondage. Rader would photograph himself bound, hanging, and even buried.

    The volunteer Scout leader almost got caught when he buried himself while on a camping trip and couldn't get out.

  • A Man In Tights

    BTK often photographed his victims, and he even photographed himself in his victims' clothing. In September 1986, Rader disguised himself as a repairman to enter the home of 28-year-old Vicki Wegerle. Once inside, he pulled a gun on her and explained what he was going to do to her. She fought back, but he was able to overpower and strangle her with pantyhose

    While she was unconscious, Rader arranged her body and clothes to his liking and took several photos. He would later re-enact specific scenes using items he took from his victims.

    Reportedly, Rader did not harm Wegerle's 2-year-old, who was also present, and authorities initially pegged Wegerle's husband as the prime suspected.

  • A Bound Doll Representing One Of His Victims

    In 2004, Rader left a package for the police department in Witchita, Kansas. In the package was the driver's license of one of his victims - Nancy Fox - which had been missing from the 1977 crime scene. Also in the package was a doll with a plastic bag wrapped around its head. The doll's hands and feet were bound, as BTK often did to his victims.

    In court, Rader described stalking the 25-year-old as she entered her home. He found out her name by checking her mailbox, and he even visited her work. Knowing her schedule, he broke into her apartment while she wasn't home, cut her phone lines, and waited for her in her kitchen. During his testimony, Rader also revealed that he fantasized about his victims serving him in the afterlife, and Fox was a prominent figure in these ideations.