Which Bands Or Musicians Do You Most Want To See Before They (Or You) Kick The Bucket?

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Vote up the superstars you HAVE to see perform before you miss your chance; vote down the ones you'd rather pass on.

There's a certain energy associated with a live performance that just can't be replicated or synthesized by a single album. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that many music legends are getting a bit too old to continue to tour as vigorously as they once did, and there are only so many years left for fans to see them at their best. These industry trailblazers are found in every genre, from blues to jazz, rock and roll, pop, folk, hip hop, country, heavy metal - the list goes on.

People tend to put off going to live shows, assuming they'll have another opportunity to see superstar performances down the line. But as time goes on, more and more artists are announcing farewell tours or abruptly stopping altogether as they get older, which means time is running out for fans to experience these musical giants in person. According to the HUD, when you hit 55 you've officially earned your senior discount, so it's imperative to rush out to see these legends before an old folks home claims another victim. 

Here are some of the most legendary musicians and groups (with lead members over 55 years old) who are still gracing us with their musical presence - excluding those groups that have become shells of their former selves after losing members that most represented their sound.

Vote up the performers you're dying to see (before it's too late), and vote down those you wouldn't mind missing out on. 

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