Bucket List for Summer

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A bucket list for summer features fun summertime activities for you to accomplish by the end of the season. This list has got it all, from the small and simple to the gutsy adventures. If you’re looking to mix it up and have some fun in the sun, look no further.

We associate summer with lots of sunshine, fireworks in July, lemonade, taking a beach trip, and finding a little bit of rest and relaxation. No matter what kind of things you’d like to accomplish this summer, you know they'll be fun and carefree.

Catch a major league baseball game, go camping, or hit the open road for a road trip with your friends. Some of these things can only be done in the summer, like running through the sprinklers, so make the most of this summer season while you can!

Vote up the activities on this list that you like the most, and feel free to add anything that we've missed. You can also make your own bucket list – just make sure to cross things off once you've done them. Time to have fun!
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  • Go On a Road Trip
    432 votes

    Go On a Road Trip

  • Try a New Food
    336 votes

    Try a New Food

  • See Fireworks
    261 votes

    See Fireworks

  • Get As Much Sunshine As Possible
    350 votes

    Get As Much Sunshine As Possible

  • Make S’Mores
    317 votes

    Make S’Mores

  • Sleep Under the Stars
    374 votes

    Sleep Under the Stars