Bucket List for Teenagers

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Attention all teenagers! This is your bucket list! A list of things to try before you die: including fun (sometimes crazy) things you should in your teenage years, before you turn 20. Challenges, trips and activities you should do as a teen. You're only young once and there are some things that are better to do while you are young (skinny dipping for example--it's cute when you are young, but slightly creepy when you get older.) Check this bucket list for teens to make sure that you are living your best life now.  

This list of bucket list items for teens includes items that should be on the bucket list for teenage girls and for teen boys. While the bucket list for teenage boys and girls differ slightly, there are some things that everyone should try when they are young. What is on your to-do list for before you turn 20? Vote on the bucket lists ideas that you most want to and add on activities that you think everyone should try at least once. 

How many of these things have you done? How many items to you still need to cross off? Check out the ultimate bucket list for teens and get started! Time is wasting!
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    Say "Yes" to Something That Scares You

  • 2

    Do Something for Yoursef

  • 3

    Travel Outside the Country

  • 4

    Take a Road Trip

  • 5

    Play in the Rain

  • 6

    Learn to Cook a Dish That You Like

  • 7

    Learn the Basics of a Foreign Language

  • 8

    Pull An All-Nighter

  • 9

    Find Your Style

  • 10
  • 11

    Try a Food You've Never Heard Of

  • 12

    Sleep Under the Stars

  • 13

    Make Your Parents Feel Proud of You

  • 14

    Complete a DIY Project

  • 15

    Have a Tidy Room

  • 16

    Cook Dinner for Your Parents

  • 17

    Go Phone-Free for 24 Hours

  • 18

    Have a Real Conversation With a Stranger

  • 19

    Learn to Play An Instrument

  • 20

    See Your Favorite Band in Concert

  • 21

    Write Down a List of Your Dreams and Save It

  • 22

    Rekindle An Old Friendship

  • 23

    Fall in Love

  • 25

    Kiss Your Crush