15 Times Ridiculously Buff Dudes Cosplayed Pokemon Characters

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Never fear, ladies and gents; the enticing Pokémon cosplay of your dreams has arrived. If you're a fan of the popular Japanese franchise, you'll love this newest rendition of fan art. People have evolved from dressing their pets in Pokémon gear. Now super buff dudes are stripping down to their jimmies and Pokémon masks.

These swole cosplayers are purely awesome, and they know no bounds. You won't be able to turn away from the hilarious and confusing sexy onslaught of anime photos.

If you're looking for the perfect Pokémon cosplay that will both arouse and intrigue you, you're in the right place. Is it hot? Is it creepy? No one knows for sure, but this cosplay will definitely leave you with food for thought.

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    Putting The Woo In Sudowoodo

    Somehow, Sudowoodo look even cuter than usual!

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    This Magikarp Does More Than Splash

    This Magikarp's splash is pretty intimidating. 

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    A Terrifically Ripped Trio

    Who knew Dugtrio could be so ripped?

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    Psyduck Is Seriously Stacked

    This fiercely massive Psyduck looks more intimidating than ever.

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    Ash's Journey Paid Off

    Ash's travels across the land obviously helped tone his physique.

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    Bellsprout, Magikarp, And Diglett Get Down

    Bellsprout, Magikarp, And Diglett show off their might!