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15 Fan Theories About Buffy The Vampire Slayer Just Crazy Enough To Be True 

Shanell Mouland
May 3, 2017 26.8k votes 5.6k voters 283.9k views 15 items

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It's been a number of years since the final season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer aired, but that hasn't slowed down its legion of fans. Even after all this time, there are still things only true Buffy fans know about. Fans of the Buffyverse are as active as ever, and the discussion never stops. Fan theories, in particular, often dominate the message boards. After all, how can you watch Buffy and not claim you've got a theory? One could lose days delving into the minds of Joss Whedon's biggest supporters. When you come up, you'll have an awful lot to think about.

While the buff blonde is the face of the franchise, she's not the focus of most Buffy fan theories. Perhaps, the loyal following is desperate for a cross-over, a spin-off, or even some kind of Buffy reboot. Surely, Giles could command an audience. Until that glorious day, you'll have to tide yourself over on these fan theories about the Buffyverse to stay five by five. 

The Creation Of Dawn Causes Joyce's Death
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This one has been floating around the Internet for a very long time. Some Buffy fans have a healthy disdain for Buffy's little sister, Dawn, and that's ok. It was only a matter of time before they blamed the death of Buffy's beloved mother, Joyce, on Dawn. 

According to Redditor /u/Gneissisnice:

"I subscribe to the theory that the massive rewrite of Joyce's memories caused the tumor. She would have been the person who required the most fake memories, and the only other person who would have been close is Buffy, who is the Slayer and therefore probably has some protection against it. The monks had to fabricate 14 years of fake memories for Joyce, and it would make sense that her brain just couldn't take it and formed a tumor."

So, did Dawn's existence end Joyce's life? If so, you'll have to forgive the fans who feel less than cordial toward the girl. 

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The Writers Punished Characters Because Of Actor's IRL Issues
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This theory from Reddit user eatingketchupchips posits that the writers in the Buffyverse were more than a little vindictive when actor's real life plans delayed or altered the initial plans for the story. According to this theory,

"...writers punish characters when the actors real life situation alters their initial storyline in whedonverse.

Charisma got pregnant IRL, so they torched her & her amazing arch to the ground, put her in a coma, woke her up only to kill her. (apparently charisma didn't get warning she wouldnt be back for S5 & then said she would only come back if they didnt kill her-they did)

Seth Green wanted to go shoot a movie, so they have him cheat on Willow and be very un-Oz like. Seriously he's the most mellow guy the entire time and now he can't control his jealous rage when he's around Willow? He wasn't even THAT mad when she literally cheated on him with Xander.

ASH wanted to spend more time back in England with his family, so they made Giles, basically Buffy's father, abandon her, like her real father did, during the hardest time in her new resurrected-motherless-bill paying- life?! All because "she needs to grow up". Uhm Giles, you try being ripped out of Heaven, raising a former-blob-of-light teenager, getting a well-paying job without a college degree, and idk SAVING THE WORLD all at 21. Grow up? She's not asking you to book her dentist appointments shes asking for support and guidance."

Honestly, that makes a lot of sense. 

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Joss Whedon Planted An Easter Egg In Avengers: Age Of Ultron
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While not technically a fan theory, this one is still a lot of fun, and it could potentially tie Buffy to the greater Avengers universe. See, Joss Whedon said he wouldn't do it. He said he didn't have time. He said he was too busy. Well, technically, Joss Whedon said, “It’s so hard for me to make a movie, especially this movie, I don’t spend a lot of time going, ‘You know what else would be hilarious?!'"

But guess what? He apparently spends some time on it. He snuck one Easter egg into Avengers: Age of Ultron for fans of the Buffyverse. If you watched Angel, and of course you have, you'll remember that our heroes battle with the evil corporation Wolf, Ram & Hart.

Whedon inserted a Wolf, a Ram, and a Hart (Stag) into the above still from Age of Ultron. Guess he just couldn't help himself. Thank goodness for that. 

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The True Slayer Line Runs Through Faith, Not Buffy
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Redditor /u/Leones108 explains Slayer lineage in her theory as to why Faith is the true Slayer: 

"During a season 7 episode, Buffy states 'I think both of us would have to die for a new Slayer to be called, and we can't even be sure that girl is in this room.' If this is the case, why was Faith called when Kendra died? well:

Kendra was actually called when Buffy became a vampire during the coma kid psychic nightmares episode in Season 1 (she would have technically been dead at this point), then when Buffy died again, there was already another Slayer (Kendra), so Faith wasn't activated.

Then, when Kendra got her shaving cut from Dru, both Slayers had died and Faith was powered up."

Love her or hate her, it seems Faith does have the only legitimate Slayer cred, since Buffy saw fit to die so many times.

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