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15 Fan Theories About Buffy The Vampire Slayer Just Crazy Enough To Be True  

Shanell Mouland
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It's been a number of years since the final season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer aired, but that hasn't slowed down its legion of fans. Even after all this time, there are still things only true Buffy fans know about. Fans of the Buffyverse are as active as ever, and the discussion never stops. Fan theories, in particular, often dominate the message boards. After all, how can you watch Buffy and not claim you've got a theory? One could lose days delving into the minds of Joss Whedon's biggest supporters. When you come up, you'll have an awful lot to think about.

While the buff blonde is the face of the franchise, she's not the focus of most Buffy fan theories. Perhaps, the loyal following is desperate for a cross-over, a spin-off, or even some kind of Buffy reboot. Surely, Giles could command an audience. Until that glorious day, you'll have to tide yourself over on these fan theories about the Buffyverse to stay five by five. 

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The True Slayer Line Runs Through Faith, Not Buffy
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Redditor /u/Leones108 explains Slayer lineage in her theory as to why Faith is the true Slayer: 

"During a season 7 episode, Buffy states 'I think both of us would have to die for a new Slayer to be called, and we can't even be sure that girl is in this room.' If this is the case, why was Faith called when Kendra died? well:

Kendra was actually called when Buffy became a vampire during the coma kid psychic nightmares episode in Season 1 (she would have technically been dead at this point), then when Buffy died again, there was already another Slayer (Kendra), so Faith wasn't activated.

Then, when Kendra got her shaving cut from Dru, both Slayers had died and Faith was powered up."

Love her or hate her, it seems Faith does have the only legitimate Slayer cred, since Buffy saw fit to die so many times.

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Drusilla Was Destined To Become A Slayer Before Angelus Turned Her
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Redditor /u/overcaffeninateme shared an interesting theory on Drusilla's past. The gist: what if she was a potential slayer?

“There’s a scene where Angelus first meets Dru. He impersonates a priest while she is giving confession. She admits that she is having visions of the future.

”Is it possible Drusilla was going to be a slayer? The slayers get visions of future violence even before they are called, right? But then Angelus turns her before she gets called.”

It's hard to believe with her strange behavior and penchant for the sinister that Drusilla could have ever fought for the good guys. That would have made two Slayers whom Spike was in love with. 

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You Could Technically Build An Army Of Slayers Just By Using Modern Technology
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Reddit user JangoF76 posits an amazing theory on the creation of Slayers:

"With modern medicine and technology it must be fairly easy to kill someone in a controlled environment for like a few seconds and then revive them. They do this one time for each new slayer — it wouldn’t be long before they had a whole bunch of slayers at once."

If you watched Buffy when it actually aired on television, you're probably of an age where you remember the Julia Roberts classic Flatliners. If you did, then you know how potentially cool this theory is.

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Willow Committed Mass Murder To Save The World
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Willow's role has always been one of contention, as her power level has fluctuated wildly throughout the series. She's also the cause of the massive Slayer awakening in the final seasons. But how did she really pull that off? Reddit user Flagnut1 posits:

"In the final episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all looks hopeless against an army of ancient evil. In order to combat this, Willow casts a spell to awaken the 'Slayer Potential' in all of the potential slayers, both gathered there and all over the world. This, of course, works and the world is saved for another season.

However, this leaves a somewhat gaping plothole, in that why has this never been attempted before? There is some vague hint at Patriarchy being responsible, but nothing concrete.

I theorize that what willow did was something based on an event from the very first season. At the end of season 1, the master actually manages to kill Buffy, although only briefly as Xander CPRs her back to life. This causes a unique event in history, a ~second~ slayer is activated.

Taking this to its logical extreme, you could in theory create unlimited slayers by momentarily killing each new slayer. So what does this mean for the series finally?

Willow is shown to be an extremely powerful, and extremely destructive witch. Her powers for causing harm are very, very well documented. I put forth that she decided to try an extremely risky spell (which she never explains to everyone, which arrogantly doing something like this is exactly in line with her character) where she basically causes a small brain hemorrhage or heart attack in every single slayer, in order, in a chain reaction, killing them ALL, but following it with a quick restorative to bring them back to life.

This neatly explains how it was done and is consistent with the characters and lore. As for why it wasn't attempted before, 'bringing someone back' is a very modern thing, medicine kinda sucked in the past and it simply never been thought possible."

While she might not have technically been "Dark Willow" at the time, that's some deeply sinister stuff.

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