Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Fave Relationships

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Canon ships, aka romantic relationships that were featured in the Buffy universe (BtVS / AtS)
If there's one thing Buffy fans are particularly passionate about, it's the relationships featured on our favorite show. Many of us "shippers" - we're called that because we enjoy watching, reading, and generally talking about our favorite relation"ship" - can be pretty rabid in our passion. So here is a fair forum to duke it out. Trying to stick with the canon here, all relationships that were featured in some romantic form on the show - subtext and flirting is okay - will be listed, and we can vote it out. And remember, this is all good in fun. Vote up your faves! Vote down those ships you hate! And always love Buffy! :)
  • Willow Rosenberg and Oz
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    Willow Rosenberg and Oz

    Willow's first real relationship, she and Oz first get together early in season 2 of BtVS. They're relationship survived Willow's brief affair with Xander, but ultimately, Oz slept with the werewolf Veruca in early season 4 and left town. He did return one more time, however - later in the season, he came back with news that he had learned to control his wolfyness and hoped to win Willow back... only to find she had fallen in love with a woman named Tara.
  • Xander Harris and Anya
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    Xander Harris and Anya

    From Season 3 of Buffy to the very last episode of the show, Xander and Anya surely seemed to be in love. Sadly, love wasn't enough for these two to make it work. Xander panics at their Season 6 wedding and leaves her at the altar. By the end of season 7, it looks like these two might have patched things up - if Anya hadn't died in the series finale.
  • Buffy Summers and Spike
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    Buffy Summers and Spike

    Spike and Buffy have a violent but passionate love/hate relationship that begins when Spike first crashes into town early in Season 2 on Buffy. In the series finale of the show, Spike dies for Buffy and Buffy finally tells him that he loves her - only to have him insist that she does not. Spike is later resurrected on Angel the Series, and his love for Buffy continues on.
  • Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay
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    Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay

    Historically significant as a groundbreaking LGBT relationship on television, Willow and Tara have instant chemistry from the moment they meet - in the Buffy Season 4 episode "Hush" - and are together for 2 years until Willow's dark magic leads to a break up. In a cruel twist, the two are finally together again for just 24 hours before Tara is shot and killed by bullets intended for Buffy.