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Bullet to the Head Movie Quotes

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"Bullet to the Head" movie quotes follow the action in this Sylvester Stallone crime thriller which follows two unlikely allies who team up for revenge. Walter Hill, who also directed the film, co-wrote the screenplay with Alessandro Camon based on the French graphic novel Du Plomb Dans La Tete by Alexis Nolent. "Bullet to the Head" first premiered at the Rome Film Festival on November 14, 2012, before its United States release on February 1, 2013.

In "Bullet to the Head," Sylvester Stallone portrays an out of the game hitman Jimmy Bobo whose partner, Hank (Holy McCallany), was murdered. Despite a promise he made to his daughter, Lisa (Sarah Shahi), about staying away from that line of work, Jimmy vows to track down the person who killed Hank, Keegan (Jason Momoa), and kill him.

En route to avenging this death, Jimmy is approached by Detective Taylor Kwan. Kwan too lost a partner from the actions of Keegan and he too wants vengeance. Kwan and Jimmy agree to work together to avenge the murders, all while dealing with vast differences in each other's age and background. Their mission only intensifies when Lisa is kidnapped by Keegan leading to an epic battle between Jimmy and Keegan.

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    Problem Solver

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    Jimmy: "I got some rules, no women, no children. You know what I am? A problem solver. I take out the trash. I remove those hard to get at stains. Let's just put it this way, I'm a people person."

    Jimmy explains a bit about himself in this monologue. Though he says he's a problem solver and people person, in reality, Jimmy is a hitman, or at least was once upon a time.
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    Kung Fu From the Homeland

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    Taylor: "I want the guys who took your daughter."
    Jimmy: "What are you going to do, bring up some kung fu from the homeland?"
    Taylor: "I was born in Florida."

    Showing both his age and his outdated social beliefs, Jimmy makes an ethnic joke to Taylor. This doesn't bother Taylor however as he pushes right back.
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    Unfinished Business

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    Jimmy: "What are we, Vikings?"
    Keegan: "You and me, we've got a little unfinished business to take care of."
    Jimmy: "We gonna fight or do you plan on boring me to death?"

    This is it, the climax of the battle between Jimmy and Keegan when they meet face to face to duke it out. This however, at least the commentary and stalling on Keegan's end, bores Jimmy instead.
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    Thought I Smelled a Cop

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    Taylor: "Taylor Kwan, WDCPD"
    Jimmy: "I thought I smelled a cop."
    Taylor: "I'm not interested in some disposable hired hitter. I want the guy who took out your partner."

    When officer Taylor Kwan and Jimmy meet in a bar, neither are impressed with the other. This push and shove chemistry lends itself to a few comedic moments, a good part of any film.
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