15 Times Schoolyard Bullies Learned A Valuable (And Satisfying) Lesson In Karma

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Over on Reddit, people are sharing stories of when they have witnessed bullies receive a full dose of karma for their bad acts, learning life lessons that probably changed their attitudes. Vote up the satisfying tales of bully karma.

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    Made Dad Proud

    From Redditor u/nubsauce87:

    I learned how to fight, then beat the hell out of him.

    He left me alone from then on.

    I got in trouble with the school, but when they called my dad to tell him I was fighting, he said, "Yeah, I bet. I paid for the lessons. Was it that little sh*t who's been bullying him?"

    I did not get in trouble at home.

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    An Old Bully Pays A Former Victim For Karate Lessons

    Posted by a Redditor:

    I few years back I was the assistant manager at my karate studio. It was a slow, quiet day when in walked Paul, my old bully from public school. I wasn't sure at first - it had been a long time, and it was hard to tell.

    I didn't say anything. Paul was interested in joining the dojo, and I showed him around, discussed pricing, etc. I didn't treat him any differently than I would any other potential client.

    At the end of the tour, Paul decided to join our dojo. We sat down in the office and he filled out the paperwork. When he wrote his name out on the application, I knew for sure that this was, indeed, my old bully. The guy who used to torment me every single weekday. Who made me kneel in dog sh*t.

    I still didn't say anything until after [he] pre-paid me for an entire year's membership. As I walked him to the door, I smiled.

    "I'm really looking forward to training with you." I smiled.

    "Thanks, me too," Paul said.

    "You don't recognize me, do you?"

    "No, should I?"

    "Yes. We went to school together, Grade 3 through 8. You bullied me every day, and made my life miserable. Can't wait to see you in class."

    Paul went white, and walked out without another word. And never walked back in. He willingly threw away a year's membership payment, almost $500, rather than have to be in the same class with me.

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    Cheaters Never Win

    From Redditor u/Available_Nobody_404:

    I was okay at economics. My bully asked if she could cheat off me 15 minutes before the exam. I said sure. The thing she didn’t know was that I got extra time on exams. So I answered every multiple choice question wrong. Then wrote some open questions wrong...

    Then she left, and I fixed the wrong answers. She got a 4/10.

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    Turned The Tables

    From Redditor u/Solsed:

    After I finished high school, a girl who bullied me relentlessly for years messaged me on Facebook saying a bunch of awful things (Facebook was new at the time - we all added anyone we knew).

    I just screenshotted the messages and posted them to her wall.

    Then a bunch of her friends messaged me asking if I was okay.

    I got my revenge and didn't have to stoop to her level.

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    'Who Are You?'

    From Redditor u/loridee:

    I graduated from high school in the '80s. I had grown up poor, but when my mom remarried, she married a guy who did well for himself, so when we moved into his house, I was a poor kid suddenly going to a school full of rich kids. One of them in particular was a girl who was really stuck up. She had a very imperious attitude and generous parents, while my mom [would never] allow us to behave that way.

    About six years after high school graduation, I'd dropped out of college, was living on my own in a tiny apartment and working as a waitress. Of all people to show up at the restaurant and be seated in my section. I asked a couple of waitresses to take the table, but they were busy. Finally, I realized what I would do. I would take on the role of my life: win an Academy Award.

    I went to the table and pretended I'd never met her before in my life.

    She kept insisting I must remember her, right? She kept saying her name, and I nailed the performance. "I'm so sorry, I just don't... No... I, uh... I'm trying. I believe you, yes, I went to that school, but I am SO sorry, I don't remember you," and so on.

    She was flabbergasted. I kept overhearing her say to the people she was with, "I can't believe she doesn't remember me."

    That day I learned that to be forgotten is, for some, the ultimate slap in the face.

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    He Was Sent To Jail For His Actions

    From Redditor u/Honeybloomlove:

    Had my nudes leaked. I still had the guy on Snapchat, and I posted about how illegal it was to do that and how large the money was that you could get from someone who had done it to you.

    Got a complete confession and took it to the police. Enjoy a criminal record and probation.

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